Waffle has eaten the diner plate of a crisp and crisp 'Maple Diner Visor Maple Mania'

" The Maple Mania " who is making " Maple Butter Cookie " shining first place for the fourth consecutive year in "Tokyo Station Souvenir Ranking" will be on Mosaic Street of Shinjuku Mirode on Friday, December 7, 2018 I opened a new brand shop " Maple Diner Visa · Maple Mania ", so I went to eat.

A new brand born from The Maple Mania "Maple Diner Visa · Maple Mania" grand opening to Shinjuku Millord Mosaic street!

The location is Coco, a mosaic street of Shinjuku Milord that goes from the south exit of Shinjuku Station to Odakyu Department Store.

It is a pretty landscape store.

Maple boy that appeals that it opened on December 7th.

The inside of the store is wrapped in the fragrance of maple and it is also possible to purchase financier etc sold at "The Maple Mania" by taking it home.

The menu as a diner is like this. One waffle is 162 yen including tax, Maple shake includes 540 yen including tax, Maple Diner Plate set with 2 waffles, bacon, cream and nuts is tax included 648 yen, shake set drink set of plate is 1000 yen including tax .

The cause of the sweet scent is this eat-in & maple waffle for taking away.

This time I ordered the shake set of Maple Diner plate. It is completed in about 10 minutes. Eat-in space is set both inside the store and outside the store.

The surface is crunchy and the inside is fluffy on the waffles. Although there is sweetness even by itself, when applying maple syrup prepared in the shop, smell and sweetness will also be gorgeous. Because it is a price setting of 162 yen including tax separately, I saw some pairs bought in the form like school return "buy meals".

Together with cream, it is as luxurious as if you eat it at a pancake shop.

Despite what I thought about bacon, the salty taste and the sweetness of waffles are quite right.

Drink is maple shake.

There is sweetness of maple syrup which envelops the tongue in coldness, but it does not stop, but this season, it is only difficult to get cold while drinking.

The opening hours of "Maple Diner Visa · Maple Mania" is from 10 o'clock to 21 o'clock and the holidays are in accordance with Shinjuku Miroad.

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