It turned out that Samsung was using the stock photograph of single lens reflex photography to create the image 'shoot by smash'

A photograph used as an example of "background blur" on the product introduction page of the smartphone " Galaxy A8 Star " sold by Samsung is processing the image material photographed with a single-lens reflex digital camera, not actually an actual machine It was revealed that it was created. It is the photographer himself who is also a model of the photograph that discovered diversion of the image.

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Dunja Djudjic , a photographer, discovered that Samsung is creating a product introduction page using his own image. Djudjic who used to publish images taken by Flickr account etc. in the past, was to be released as an alternative on EyeEm . EyeEm is partnering with Getty Images, and uploaded images are sometimes sold through Getty Images.

One day, Djudjic received a notice from EyeEm saying "Your photo was purchased." Due to the fact that the selling destination was unknown, Djudjic who was interested in the place where his photo was used searched for the destination of his / her photograph by image search, and the one found was sold by Samsung Singapore It seems that it was a product introduction page of Galaxy A8 Star.

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The underlying image was taken by modeling myself as a model.

The photograph was said to be used in the following state on the product introduction page. I just thought that "just adjusted the color?", But in fact it only extracts the part of the face from the original image and combines it with another background image, so that it matches the background Corrections (color adjustment) and modifications such as erasing the blood vessels are done. If you look closer, you can also see that all the fluffy parts of the hair are cut.

Moreover, this image is said to be used as an image explanation of "blur function" installed in Galaxy A8 Star. It's like this when the background blur is "0" ......

It's like this when you set Vocasi to "7". Although it is preparation which is presented as "image" to the end, since the background and the model are different materials, the background is blurred cleanly and it is natural.

Since Samsung's product introduction page does not specify a single word "Galaxy A8 Star photographed image", it is necessary to understand that Samsung does not explain the lie. But generally thinking, the user browsing the page strongly associates the posted photos with the real machine, so there is a strong possibility of producing Mislead.

Although Djudjic does not remember strong anger about this matter, he said that he had the question "Why is Samsung like this?" I sent a question to Samsung via the Facebook page, but I heard that no response from the fixed sentence has been received.

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