Headline news on November 30, 2018

To realize a comfortable commuting time, JR West announced that it will run ' Commuter Express' Raku Harima ' from Osaka to Himeji from the spring of 2019. Driving is from Osaka from Himeji on weekdays and 1 round trip from Osaka to Himeji on weekdays. Stop station is Osaka, Sannomiya, Kobe, Akashi, Nishi Aishi, Kakogawa, Himeji. There are 6 cars in 289 series, 351 seats in total. The female private seat (area) has 18 seats.

"Rakuraku" commuting, enriching every moment. Commuter express will debut on JR Kobe Line! : JR West Japan

Price system is as follows. Nishi Mawashi / Kakogawa departure arrival will be examined in the future.

Normal Car Free Seat Limited Express Coupon Regular express ticket for ordinary car designated seat Ticketless limited express ticket J-WEST ticketless
Osaka ~ Himeji ¥ 970 1490 yen 1290 yen ¥ 720
Osaka - Akashi ¥ 970 1490 yen 1290 yen ¥ 620
Osaka ~ Sannomiya · Kobe ¥ 650 1170 yen ¥ 970 ¥ 510

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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To ambitious research ¥ 100 billion yen Government review with secondary amendment: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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Himi municipal library: e-book, starting rental prefecture within the prefecture public for the first 24 hours, compatible with HP 500 books including practical books, easy feeling even in the distance / Toyama - Mainichi Newspaper

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"Virtua Fighter" Inumata Mutsu × Entomo Nagano ─ ─ The one year devoted to Virta leading to "Brain Powered" is now revealed

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1 place JIN - Jin -
2nd place Dr. Cotto clinic 3rd place White big tower 4th place TRICK
5th place code blue - doctor heli emergency life-saving -
6th Nodame Cantabile 7th Galileo 8th place Gokusen 9th Lifesaving ward 24 o'clock
10th place Boys over flowers

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Two gracollons appeared! Which do you want to eat? Large popularity "Super Gracoro" and a new appearance "Concentrated Gracolo Cheese Fondue" Also sold even in the morning Mac time zone! Start with a limited time from Wednesday, December 5!

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