Male living alone on solitary island, lonely alone, 'mind is comfortable' Male, what kind of life is it?

"Loneliness" generally has a negative influence on people, and its influence is said to be " far more harmful than obesity ". However, a man living just like a hermit in Italy's uninhabited island says "the mind is comfortable." The Great Big Story of the YouTube channel is approaching what living men are living.

I Live Alone in an Island Paradise - YouTube

Tackling the crowded crowd ......

It was reflected in the back of a man saying that it exists as "guardian of the island" after 1989.

A man telling he has not met a man for years has chosen to live with nature at some point in his life.

It is said that men started living in the island, not in the streets, from the strong thought that "life should be like this".

Men live in Budelli Island, part of La Maddalena National Park, on the north side of Sardinia in Italy. Budelli island, which is only accessible by boat, is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Extensive nature is spreading.

Walking in a road without a road ......

Mr. Mauro Morandi .

"It was a coincidence that I came here, I did not even know the existence of Budelli at that time, but I heard that the manager of the island was retired two days ago and he said" I am lucky coincidence " I inherited it. "

"Beauty is in a place where there are no people," Morandi says.

A building that is cozy on the coast is Morandi's house.

At the side of Morandi who greeted me as "welcome", there are beds, tables, sofas suspended from the ceiling.

Since there is no electricity on the island, electricity is generated by the solar panel installed on the roof of the house.

It is said that water is using rain water.

Various things are hung on trees that Mr. Morandi calls "Christmas tree".

To a bucket or a sandal ......

Something like a floating ring.

"Objects hanging from trees are what people gave to the sea, everyone is generous, is not it?" Morandi said.

"Life here is very different in summer and winter"

"Because nobody comes in winter, I read an average of 30 to 40 books every winter," for Mr. Morandi to talk about, the book is "a friend."

"Books never betrays you, on the contrary it will grow you."

When asked to the interviewer, "How much do you know about the island, such as plants, animals, passers-by people," they replied "I remember everything."

"I seem to have turned into a botanist," Morandi said.

A pure white sand beach stands in front of Mr. Morandi who says "It will be beautiful, this is a pink beach."

As the name of "Pink beach", pink sand spread in this place long ago, but now pink color is lost.

When seen closely, there certainly was a pink seeming part.

In 1994 alone, 3,000 people visited Pink Beach. And people took sand in a bottle or bag and brought home. Nature took 10,000 years to make the beach, but the person destroyed it in only 20 years.

Morandi thought that "I do not want to talk with anyone" for the first year after living on the island made a gate so that people could not enter the island. It is said that it was like a hermit living.

However, I realized that I owned the beauty of nature, I thought of myself as "selfish". Currently, it seems that the island is in an open state so that people can visit.

"I'm always sitting here," Morandi said.

It is a spot where you can see beautiful nature.

"She is doing very well for me" said Morandi's "she" is about the island. "I've never caught a cold in the winter for 29 years," "I will spend it here as far as my body permits."

"My heart is relaxed, I move according to my own ideas, my heart is peaceful and I am satisfied with my life alone"

"I love Budelli, and she seems to love me, but how about you, I think I am loved," Morandi said.

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