Guinness world record which establishes three Rubik's cubes at one time with both hands feet established

A new record of the speed of solving three Rubik's cubes with both hands and feet at one time was established in "Guinness World Record" people challenge various records of the world. The movie that shows that state is exactly one word of "astonishment".

Fastest time to solve 3 Rubik's cubes with hands and feet - Guinness World Records Day 2018 - YouTube

With this challenge, the challenger sitting in a chair with two Rubik's cubes in both hands aligning colors while moving the third Rubik's cube on the floor at the same time with both feet at the same time to solve all three I will challenge.

The timer started measuring with "3 ... 2 ... 1 ... start!" Signal.

The way to solve the Rubik's cube which has never been seen before is developed in front of us.

A challenger who uses the fingers of the legs to deal with it. Even though how to support the main body, only the target cube is being moved, the scene which I can not understand well even if I see the image.

Guinness's certifier who takes time seriously and takes time.

Surprisingly, the color of the cube gradually comes in.

Measurement end when all colors are complete!

First of all check the colors of the cubes aligned by hand ...

Also check the color of the cube operated with feet.

As a result, the record of Que Jianyu, the challenger this time, was certified as a splendid Guinness World Record with a time of 1:36:39.

Que who is blessed with "congratulations!" People who remember in the arms (and legs), please practice and challenge by all means.

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