Ultra luxury nuclear shelter infiltration report rebuilding a nuclear missile hangar that may have caused the world's end

During the Cold War period of the 1960s when America and the former Soviet Union were in conflict, the United States secretly built a huge silo for nuclear missile launch everywhere in his country. Eventually the Cold War ended, a project " Survival Condo " to buy missile silos that became unnecessary and remodel it into a luxury nuclear shelter with a residential area is underway. What's inside featuring the contents of various objects and facilities introduces survival Condo's luxurious nuclear shelter in movies.

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There are 72 nuclear missile silos throughout the United States that are made to be robust enough to withstand the blasts and shocks of nuclear explosions. What sort of infiltration of this time is the underground silo that it is in some place in Kansas state, which was remodeled as a nuclear shelter. By the way, the price of the silo facility itself is 1.5 million dollars (about 170 million yen) to 3 million dollars (about 330 million yen) per place.

The door of the entrance is insanely rugged steel, its thickness is the width of one child.

The door is an automatic door ......

Birds evasive equipment is installed on top of it. By generating ultrasonic waves that birds dislike, this device prevents birds from jumping out when entering and leaving the silo and leaving the entrance place.

The lobby, which is just around the entrance, is quite spacious.

Before entering the facility, a toilet and a shower are installed, but this is a remnant of the facility that removes body contamination.

As soon as entering the facility, there was a history record of the silo built and a picture of the photographs decorated. This silo seems to have been built by the US Army in the early 1960's.

Among the pictures are those of President John F. Kennedy who is talking. Kennedy also seems to have visited this missile silo.

To the sponsors who agree with the project "Survival Condo", the names of prestigious media such as TIME, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, BBC, National Geographic etc are spreading.

Batteries behind the boy are all batteries. If you decide to use a shelter for nuclear warfare or disasters, it is energy issues that you face first. The battery used as reserve power by this silo is the same type as the one installed in the submarine, and long-term power supply can be expected.

The entertainment room is bright and plants are also placed.

Walls where bouldering can be enjoyed ......

Various entertainment facilities such as a piazza for playing with pets are prepared.

Upper part of the silo so far. There are various other facilities and residential districts in the basement. Although the elevator itself seems to be reusing those at that time, the hierarchical display which is lighted up with red light creates an atmosphere like SF very much.

This is a device that can filter out all the volcanic ash in the air and can provide clean air inside the facility.

This gray container is a device that saves rainwater by filtering it. It is possible to remove mud and radioactive materials.

It is like this when a boy enters a hole in the silo wall. The thickness is 9 feet (about 2.7 meters), too.

In the control room, there is an image monitor of the surveillance camera and an alarm monitor.

The surveillance camera is controlled automatically by AI.

Of course, there are also solitary confinement for those who disrupt the order within the shelter and those who threaten the peace.

In addition, since a shooting range that shoots real guns is prepared, it is also possible to conduct shooting training to prepare for enemy attacks on a daily basis.

There is a movie theater in the basement.

The sheet is a soft sofa. Because it is a facility made deep underground, it does not bother the neighbors despite echoing the explosion.

After watching a movie you can drink a cup at the bar.

This is a water filtration system. It seems that it is possible to filter 10,000 gallons of water a day.

Dentist facilities as well, so that you can treat it if you become a tooth decay.

Of course, food is an important issue. Five items of food are prepared for each person in the silo.

Fruits and vegetables, cereals are kept in canned form.

In one corner, there is a display shelf that you can often see in supermarkets. Since it is "FISH MARKET", it seems that it is possible to sell fresh fish, but I wonder if I can obtain fresh fish after a major disaster like escaping to the shelter.

Because the cultivation plant is installed in the silo, it seems no need to get fresh vegetables.

The boy is reading a book ... ...

It was a library. However, it seems that there are not so many books yet.

In the corner of the library there is a PC corner, which can be used for children's education and learning. All of the PCs are like Apple's iMac.

Since I can not go outside and can not do exercise, a training gym is also available.

Of course there is also a sauna and steam sauna.

You can also enjoy billiards if you sweat a nice sweat. Even if I can not go outside, amusement seems to be fully fulfilling.

Introduction of residential area from here. There are two kinds of residential areas, full floor and half floor, and the maximum number of guests is 10 and 5, respectively.

All the lighting is LED, digital signage reflecting the appearance of the outside instead of the window is embedded in the wall.

The kitchen is large enough.

The bedroom is like this, and here the digital signage instead of the window is embedded in the wall.

Of course, a washroom and a flush toilet are also installed for each room.

Although there is not a bathtub but only a shower, it may be said that it is luxurious simply to take a shower while the world is in the end.

The toilet is equipped with a washlet.

And in the corner of the house is a Wi - Fi router. All data exchange such as digital signage video, PC, smartphone etc. is done through this Wi-Fi.

And what was introduced last ... ...

Huge pool. You can even enjoy swimming with plenty of valuable water.

Also, pressing a button installed on the wall ... ...

Water can flow on the slide and enjoy the water slider.

Two people who finish interview and return home. Silos are covered with fences and are strictly managed. The nuclear missile silo, which was once a symbol of the Cold War, became an ultra-luxury nuclear shelter that seems to be unlikely to be contracted by ultra-wealthy people who lightly ride on high-class foreign vehicles.

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