Senator demanded detailed explanation in major letter to major telecommunications carrier as speed limiting was done for YouTube and Netflix

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In September of 2018, it was pointed out that major telecommunication carriers in the United States such as AT & T and Verizon were speed limiting for YouTube and Netflix. On this matter, I realized that the senator sent a letter asking for a detailed explanation.

Wireless throttling: Senators ask four major carriers about video slowdowns | Ars Technica

In July 2017, Verizon, a major telecommunication carrier in the United States, took up the topic of narrowing down the communication band for YouTube and Netflix that tends to increase communication volume without user's permission. Also, researchers have pointed out that in September 2018 mobile apps for movie distribution services were limited in speed from major carriers.

Mobile app on YouTube and Netflix turned out to be speed limited from major communication carriers - GIGAZINE

American senators Ed Murkey, Richard Bruementosol, and Ron Widen, as of November 15, to AT & T, Verizon, Sprint and T - Mobile, the major telecommunications carriers in the USA, "All traffic should be treated fairly, Internet service providers should not discriminate by content or application for the sake of competitive advantage or for other purposes" in a letter I revealed that I sent it.

Wehe Throttling Letter.pdf
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Communication carriers are based on their own policy and explain how to limit the speed of movies, especially the speed limits for low-cost plans. Behavior of the communication carrier necessarily network neutrality does not mean to infringe, the network neutrality in April abolished the Federal Communications Commission was (FCC) will continue the public of how to manage the speed limit information and network with respect to the carrier We stipulate by regulation. When a communication carrier targets only specific contents, there is a possibility of violating this provision.

In response to the interview with Ars Technica, Sprint has already revealed that he sent a direct reply to the Senators. Sprint denied research results that "imposed restrictions on Skype speed" until now and stated that "We do not limit Skype or specific content providers only."

In the letter, a reply until December 6 is required.

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