I tried roasted meat in the office with Bokchi rushing upside-down sanko 'desktop alone Yakiniku plate'

Sanko has appeared from Hot Plate exclusively for Yakiniku with high firepower. Since I seemed to be able to enjoy the monopolized meat paradise that it burns and burns and burns ...... so I borrowed a real machine to Sankoo and tried to check its usability with meat · okonomiyaki · autumn salmon etc.

Sanko | 【Desktop Burnt Yakiniku Plate that can be Baked with High Fire Power] Sales Page

When I open the box that I received from Sankoo ......

There was a main body and instructions in it.

Body with plate and grill. In the form of taking electricity from the outlet, the length of the cable is 106 cm, and the power consumption is 700 W.

The size of the main body is 264 mm in width × 146 mm in depth × 90 mm in height.

It is like this when compared with iPhone XS of 143.6 mm in length.

Having it in your hand is about this size.

As I looked at the instruction manual, the plate was a shape that I put on the main body directly without pinching the grill and use it.

Power switch on the front of the main unit. There is no temperature adjustment button etc, this power switch seems to be all.

So that's why I bought some meat to fully enjoy the roasted meat.

Insert the plug into the outlet, turn on the power.

Janken I will burn.

Although it says ......, although the size of the plate is 175 mm in width × 130 mm in width, the number of meat that can be burned at once is about 4.

You can see from the following movie the way from actually turning on the power to baking meat. It took about 1 minute to warm the plate to the extent that meat would burn after turning on the power.

I tried using Sanko 's desk top alone Yakiniku plate - YouTube

Baked! In the meantime, while heating meat to the meat, heating will progress on the plate, but you can not train such as weakening the fire.

So, if your meat burns good, turn off the power once. I will advance one person's grilled meat while turning on / off the power supply.

By the way, desktop alone grilled meat plate is very compact so we do not occupy the desk space than when using PC. "I wonder if you can have office grilled meat and quick-grilled early roasted meal ...?" I thought that I would like to eat as it is.

When I tried grilled meat with beef peach meat, there was no scattering of fat to that ... ...

One person can enjoy delicious meat.

The plate after roasting for about three turns looks like this. Although I was drawing oil at first, I got stuck somewhat, so I need to wipe it regularly.

However, when I baked chicken and pork ......

As the greasy scattering and a lot of smoke occurred, hurriedly moved the meat to the plate. Although there are some unevenness on the plate, it is a simple design that does not have any smoke countermeasure and mechanism to let the grease fall down, so it is necessary to clean the plate a little and it is quite busy one baked meat time.

A fat grew sporadically on the desk. So when you do office grilled meat please use care with tidying up the surroundings etc.

In addition, it was OK, even if you made okonomiyaki as a dessert on the official website, I will try. Make okonomiyaki seeds ......

I will spread it on the plate.

Put meat on all the time.

However, when it turned over, the liquid leaked from the inside despite the grilled eyes on the outside. Is it still too strong fire ...... But if you think that there are no adjustment dials ... ....

Why do not you bite the grill in between? To that. Once you lower the plate from the main body ......

Place the plate on the grill and return it to the main body.

In addition, there are two types of grill for grilling, shallow and deep, so you can choose the distance from the heating wire to the grill in two steps. Although it was a problem of ignition even during grilled meat, it seems that you can adjust the heating condition somewhat if you use this technique.

The surface was burned in a nice color, and it seemed like fire was running through ......

Painted sauce with sauce.

You can eat straight from the plate with the same feeling as a hot plate for one person, so you can eat Okonomiyaki of Azatsu. Because it is unnecessary to have a dish, it is also a good point to wash few items.

I put Okonomiyaki seeds to the very end of the plate, and completed a rectangular okonomiyaki with this feeling. It is slightly difficult, but there is also a rectangular design that is easy to balance, and the work to turn over has also worked well.

Next let's try using grilled grill.

The plate was inserted in the lower part of the main body and used as an oil reservoir.

I will bake the season salmon.

I tried using the grilled seaweed in a hole in the deep side, it turned over, baked both sides firmly and it took about 10 minutes to complete.

The skin is burning and it looks delicious as you see it ....

When I ate it on the net, my body was about to fall down, so I tried it on the plate.

Jiwiwa-salmon salmon flaky with direct flame is crisp and skin-finished, the body is plump and juicy is the finest finish. Since it is possible to bake at the hand without having to go back and forth in the kitchen → eat → drink and drink and repeat it, so you can use not only rice dish, but also desk top burning plate even when making liquor knobs, including squid and leek That's right.

Sometimes there was less fish fat, and after use the electric heating wire was only slightly soiled. Since we can not wash the body, we will do work such as warming after cooling down.

In addition, desktop alone grilled meat plate is 3480 yen including tax, it is possible to purchase from the official shop of Sanko.

Sanko | 【Desktop Burnt Yakiniku Plate that can be Baked with High Fire Power] Sales Page

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