Real world game that Initiated Pokemon GO powers up to 'Ingress Prime' and starts distribution

" Ingress ", a pioneer of real world games like Pokemon GO who walks around the real world and enjoys games, has finally started to offer power to " Ingress Prime ".

Ingress Prime is similar to Ingress and basic rules and stories with Ingress which was released in 2012 and downloaded over 14 million times around the world. The player is divided into two powers, "Enlightened" and "Resistance", and will be holding a position called "portal". Each side has hundreds to thousands of players gathered together so that they can participate in events held in the real world, and it is not "playing in the house" but "roaming outdoors Playing games "was innovative.

If you look at the movie published to commemorate the delivery of Ingress Prime, you can see that it is finished in a game that inherits the trace of Ingress.

Welcome to Ingress - YouTube

Niantic has been growing greatly as a game maker along with such Ingress, and since October 2018 TV animation "Ingles" originating from game Ingress has also been on air.

TV anime "Ingles" official website

For TV animation "Ingres", we also interview Sakuragi Yuhei Director and Tomohiko Ishii producer. It is interesting because I heard root digging about the trend of the world and the trend of the world and the trend of Japan, as well as the director of Sakuragi, how the animation planning started with the animation starting, how to make animation, People please check it.

Interview with Yuhei Sakuragi and Tomohiko Ishii producer of a new anime "Ingles" created by a new era creators - GIGAZINE

Niantic's CEO John L. Hanke said, "Ingress has brought me a lot of knowledge about real world games." "Surprisingly, Ingress succeeded in getting people away from the sofa and the glory in the game I was able to explore the world in search of success, what was done in the laboratory of Google guided us to the present success, "he says about Ingress .

In addition, Ingress Prime is being distributed on iOS / Android application, it can be installed from App Store and Google Play.

"Ingress" on the App Store

Ingress Prime - Apps on Google Play

Traditional Ingress seems to be available as another application "Scanner [REDACTED]".

In celebration of the start of Ingress Prime delivery, some campaigns are also being held at Pokemon GO.

Blue "Ponita" of different colors and "Green caraca" of different color appearing ... ...

Furthermore, Ingress design avatar seems to appear.

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