Chrome 71 policy to block all ads on sites that distribute malicious ads such as 'redirect arbitrarily'

by Singlebrook Technology, Inc.

When visiting various sites using the Internet, malicious advertisements such as pop-ups came out with a number of advertisements, interfere with browsing, or suddenly redirected to another page You may come across the site. " Chrome 71 " scheduled to be released in December 2018 was announced to have the function of blocking all advertisements of sites that distribute such unauthorized advertisements.

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Speaking of advertisements displayed on websites, banner ads are commonly placed at the top, bottom, left and right of the page. However, not only pop-ups are displayed for some advertisements, but an "X" icon to click to close ads is a fake, and when clicking the × icon, advertisements are displayed on one side and cover the screen A type of thing that ......

There are malicious advertisements such as types that the page redirects without permission. Some unauthorized advertisements not only impair the user's comfort by displaying advertisements but also some incorporate a method of stealing personal information.

The development team of Google Chrome has been engaging in unfair advertising since the beginning of 2017, but the development team admits that "traditional approach did not go well." Therefore, from Chrome 71 scheduled to be released in December 2018, I reported that it will have the function "block all ads on sites displaying unauthorized advertisements".

Chrome told the site owner "give 30 days to delete fraudulent advertisements from the site" based on a report from the user that "The site displays unauthorized advertisements" . If the site owner deletes the ad, it seems to be avoided that the site's ads are blocked entirely, but if the site owner leaves the advertisement, Chrome will automatically appear on that site Block all ads.

Users are able to manage display / non-display of advertisements at any time, and it seems that users can freely invalidate filtering of unauthorized advertisements from setting. However, it is expected that many users will use Chrome while keeping the protection function on, and it is expected that more comfortable browsing will be possible than before.

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