What is 'zombie AI' like AI but not actually AI?

by Ceneje Jeftinije

In recent years research and innovation in the AI ​​field has progressed, and many investors are also actively investing very much while increasing the attention to AI. While such a kind of AI boom is rising, a warning ring is ringing that "I am pretending to be AI but not actually AI," Zombie AI "should not be deceived.

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Promotion of many AI systems sometimes comes with images of "robots". The robot is reminiscent of an efficient and profitable business, making people imagine images that are likely to solve various problems with advanced intelligence and skills. However, in many cases, it does not indicate how the AI ​​system actually functions, and the system of AI is "black box" to the user.

Zombie AI seems to be "AI, but the contents of the black box is just like a robot", so it's a system that does not require you to teach or guide something from outside. If humans talk to each other, zombie AI will do the answer as if they have intelligence at first glance, but in reality they will operate independently regardless of reciprocal interaction with humans.

The fact that there is no need for mutual exchanges can easily use that function and has the merit of "easy to use", but by training from outside it is possible to improve or modify the work ability can not. The zombie AI is only existence that follows the input logic and system beforehand, and it is said that it can never be said "existence with intelligence." Many AI system development companies have adopted a person with expert knowledge and are building "true AI", but as long as transparency of the system is not ensured, the AI ​​is actually a zombie AI Even users can not notice.

by VIBE 105

Many of the zombie AIs are like robots which are insignificant, but some of them seem to be mocking AI 's fake with a very excellent system. Developers of such zombie AIs are building a system that makes the user mislead that "This system has intelligence" despite not requiring mutual exchanges with users.

As a method of distinguishing true AI from zombie AI, it is nothing but to distinguish by the interactivity and the trainability of the system. If the system really has intelligence, it is possible to improve its performance by training and learning, and the system will improve as time passes.

The system using true AI takes time to bring it to the practical stage compared to the zombie AI which is completed from the beginning. However, since true AI demonstrates high performance through training, it seems that it can be used for a long time as a result. "Business leaders should invest in zombie AI and not waste time as a result and should invest in real AI considering future extensibility."

by Aria Carter

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