Overwatch New hero 'Ash' appears, Omnik 'Bob' can be summoned

Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard) has announced the overhewatch new hero " Ashe " at the opening ceremony of " BlizzCon 2018 " which is currently underway. Ash is a legendary outro led by gang.

Ash - Hero - Overwatch

An announcement on overwatch from Jeffrey Kaplan at the opening of BlizzCon 2018.

You can tell what kind of character Ash is like by seeing the following movie.

New hero, Ash appeared! | Overwatch - YouTube

Ash can be attacked by high-speed shooting and dynamite by rifles. You can summon a buddies omnik Bob in Ultimate and join in the battle.

"BOB (Bob)", a former slave buddy, was heavily influenced by fans from the venue.

Even though I was born in a wealthy family, Ash said that he encountered Jesse McLey and entered the world of outlaws. Delivery time is unknown at the time of article creation.

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