Results are announced in genetic studies that 'born richer than born with talent will produce good results'

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A study based on the latest gene-based measurement method showed that genetic "talent" was equally seen in low-income families and high-income families. However, it turned out that "Talented child" born under a high-income family graduated from university at a higher rate than "Talented child" born under low-income families.

Genes, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

It's better to be born rich than gifted - The Washington Post

In the new study, we divided the children into four groups in order from the top, based on genetic indicators related to academic performance.

As a result, the top 25% of the "genetic score", that is, the percentage of children born to low-income fathers who graduated from college was 24%, while possessing the potential for high talent The percentage of children born to high-income fathers with genetic scores graduated from college increased to 63%.

On the other hand, while the genetic score was the lowest 25%, 27% were born in high-income fathers and graduated from college. The figure of 27% is almost the same as those who say "talent but father is low income". Although this result contradicts the urban legend that "genes are different for poor people and wealthy people", it shows a severe reality that "talented poor children will face difficulties".

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Kevin Thom, an economist at New York University and Nicholas Papageorge, an economist at Johns Hopkins University, analyzes using the results of large-scale genome research published by the research team of Nature Genetics in July 2018 By doing so, I revealed this fact.

The research team at Nature Genetics scanned 1,111,881 base pairs and investigated the relationship between genes and academic background. And he said that he created indicators that can predict academic performance from genetic factors using research results.

Until now, when studying the potential of children's academic potential separately from "parent's wealth", most of them have been based on the results of IQ tests. However, the problem was that the child's IQ was also biased by parental occupation, income, educational environment, etc. "Even two people who are genetically similar have different results from IQ tests because wealthy parents invest more in children," Papageorge says.

Of course there is no single "clever gene". Researchers focused on the correlation and total number of genes controlling intelligence and analyzed genetic data of more than one million people possessed by the gene analysis service " 23 and Me ", as a result of analyzing 1200 gene mutations related to academic achievement He said that he identified it.

Initially, researchers seemed to be skeptical about the idea that complicated things like academic achievement are related to genetic indicators. However, no matter how many times the tests were done, it was shown that the score of the index of the gene predicts the graduation rate of the university.

Encoding of some genes affects fetal brain development and neurotransmitter secretion. Although each of these impacts is very small, when all together, it will be about 11 to 13% to explain the difference in human educational background.

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"We have found the first convincing connection between genetic markers and the results of social science research, and we can say that we have entered a new era," Thom says. However, because the genetic data was limited in this study, attention should be paid to targeting only white people.

For children who can not graduate from college due to economic difficulties while having the potential of high talent, Mr. Thom said, "Their potential potential has been wasted.This is also for the economy, for themselves It is very bad thing. "

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