A movie that explains how people's bodies change during sex in an easy-to-understand manner



How is your body and brain changing during sex? That is a lot of research so far, and in some cases, sex is given to men and women in MRI , and the situation is observed. A movie explaining changes that occur during such sex is available on YouTube.

Your Body During Sex

The most common changes that occur first in sex ...

It is sexual excitement.

When excited, blood flow is increased, leading to a “

sex flash phenomenon ” in which the chest and face are flushed.

An increase in blood flow also changes the shape of the genitals, and the male penis is prolonged by the increase in blood flow and is erected.

In addition, the vagina of the woman opens wide and the labia swells.

In addition, the fluid drains from the

Bartholin and Skene glands, making the vagina more lubricious.

In women's body, neurotransmitters such as

nitric oxide and vasoactive intestinal peptide are secreted, leading to relaxation and relaxation of the vagina, which is widely changed widely.

It is often thought that 'it takes more time for women to get excited than men.'

As a result of observing a genital organ by thermography while showing a porn movie to men and women, it seems that both men and women started to get excited in about 30 seconds, and the excitement reached its peak in about 10 minutes.

In addition, some people who study sex have gathered eight couples and made them to have sex in an MRI machine and have conducted experiments to observe the condition.

As a result, in the case of men, about two thirds of the penis is lifted to an angle of 120 degrees during sex ...

In the case of women, the uterus is about 2.4 cm larger, and it has been found that the shape of the bladder has changed.

In addition, women's bust increased by 25% during sex. In addition, the male

scrotum approached 50% more than usual.

Many men get pleasure by having sex, but in women, the pleasure by sex is not so common. According to a survey of 1,400 people, about 21 to 30% of them have had a pleasant experience with sex that does not involve hand and mouth irritation.


clitoris which is a protrusion with which female genitalia is ...

It is a larger organ than the exposed part, and the whole is about 4 inches (about 10 cm). Only a quarter of the whole is exposed outside the body, more than half seems to be hidden in the body.

The clitoris is an organ similar to a penis, and includes the

glans , foreskin , and corpus cavernosum .

Also, for anal sex, insert a penis or

dildo into the rectum. It is thought that much of anal sex is done between gay men but ...

In recent years, the popularity of anal sex has increased even between straight male and female couples. According to the survey, 44% of straight men and 36% of straight women had anal sex experience.

Near the rectum is the end of various nerves ...

There is also a close connection with genital nerves such as the

vulva , penis and clitoris.

When a penis or dildo is inserted into the male rectum, it stimulates an organ called the

prostate .

There is no record that accurate research has been done, but it is rumored that orgasm due to stimulation of the prostate is more powerful and pleasant than orgasm with penis.

By stimulating the rectum also for women, it stimulates the cavernous body of the perineum involved in the expansion and expansion of the vagina, and brings about sexual pleasure.

Sex also affects not only the body but also the brain, but the changes that the brain makes when reaching orgasm are similar in both men and women.

In men and women,

dopamine is released during orgasm.

While reaching the orgasm, the

cerebellum is activated while the cortex is shut down.

In a state of being hug after sex, a hormone called

oxytocin, which is also called a “happy hormone” or a “love hormone”, is released because it relieves stress and brings about a feeling of happiness.

It seems that various chemical changes are taking place during sex, which has effects such as genital changes and happiness.

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