Netflix is ​​planning to visualize Japanese game company works under the success of anime 'Akumajo Dracula - Castlevania -', and rumors of 'Zelda' are also going on

Since the animation " Akumajo Dracula - Castlevania - " exclusively delivered by Netflix since 2017 was produced based on Konami's action game "Akumajo Dracula" as an original, Adi Shankar, the producer of the work , But it has made clear that it is promoting planning of video series with Japanese game companies.

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The success of Castlevania created this opportunity.

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According to Mr. Shankar's comment, this next work is an opportunity gained by the success of "Castlevania". We are announcing that the work is scheduled to be announced at 1 pm on November 16, 2018 local time without revealing something at the present time. In addition to being an executive producer of "Castlevania", Shankar is also involved in the original drama "Bodied" etc. It is unknown whether this next work is also animation or not at the present time.

TheWrap of the news site reports as a monopoly information that the work is "the Legend of Zelda". It is unknown what the information source is, and the content of the comment from Nintendo was "There is nothing to announce about this matter".

Adi Shankar in Talks to Produce 'Legend of Zelda' TV Series Based on Video Game

However, there is a possibility that this project was alive or resurrected, as Netflix has a past reported that it will make the live-action drama of "The Legend of Zelda" in 2015.

Netflix Is Developing a Live-Action 'Legend of Zelda' Series - Speakeasy - WSJ

Animation "Akumajo Dracula - Castlevania -" is a medieval fantasy animation produced by Netflix based on "Akumajo Dracula", and worldwide distribution of all 4 episodes started on July 7, 2017. From October 25, 2018 season 2 (8 episodes) has been delivered.

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