Gentoo Penguin's homosexual couple 'Sphennish' birth, warm the eggs at azatsu rather than any couple

At the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia, the same gender couple of Sphen and Magic of Gentoo penguin, known as "Sphennsic" is a hot topic. It seems that the two birds were crazy with each other before the breeding season came.

# LOVEWINS at Sea Life Sydney

In Sydney Aquarium, we have released the video.

# LoveWins Sphen and Magic Penguin Couple - YouTube

This is Senior Sphen.

A young magic on the pebble beyond that is young.

When the breeding season approaches, the gentoo penguin gathers pebbles and begins to make a nest, but "Sphenenic" shows a strong bond from before the breeding season, it becomes indivisible at the time of the breeding season, and other It is said that they gathered more pebbles than any couple.

"Sphenenic" is a homosexual couple, so you can not lay eggs, and as other couples begin to warm eggs, they will be out of companion, so the aquarium staff gave dummy eggs. Then, as it really started warming up as if it were their own eggs, it seems that they borrowed one egg from another couple and gave it to them.

After the birth of a child, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of child rearing the spheniczick raises.

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