How powerful is 'Ozoneo for room drying' that deodorizes the dry odor of the room drying with the oxidizing power of ozone? I actually tried using it

In the rainy season, in the autumn typhoon, or due to the circumstances of the house, there are cases where "laundry can not be dried outside." At such time, what is worrisome is the odor of the laundry which dried the room. The smell anxious of the room dry the laundry ozone can deodorant from the original by the force of the "room dry for Ozoneo (OZONEO)" is on September 25, 2018 Maxell since appeared from, I tried to actually use .

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This "Ozoneo for room drying" which keeps the odor of the room dried by the power of ozone

In the box there was a manual, a remote control and a main body.

The main body is about 25 centimeters in length × 25 centimeters in width × 20 centimeters in height.

Looking at the main body from above it is like this. Compared with Panasonic Let'snote CF-MX3 , the footprint is about this.

The upper part of the main body looks like a fan or a circulator, compared with hands like this.

If you look closely at the interior, you will see an ozone unit that generates ozone behind the feathers. It is said that ozone is generated and decomposes causative microorganisms of raw drought odor.

Besides the 0 degree fan part, it is manually 45 degrees and ...

It is also possible to change to an angle of 90 degrees.

Remote control is stored in the cross section of the main body that opened the fan part.

Ozoneo for room drying can be operated from the main unit side panel and the remote control.

On the side of the main body, there were "head swinging function" "timer function" "air volume adjustment function" "power supply" button in order from the top. First of all, press the power button to activate the main unit.

It seems that the air volume is always fixed with 'MID' at startup. Pressing the air flow adjustment button switches from MID to HIGH → LOW → MID in order.

The timer is always fixed to "1H" at startup, and each time the timer button is pressed the timer will rise from 1H at the start up to 8 hours each hour.

When you press the top button with the swing button, the swing function starts.

You can understand exactly how the head swinging is actually done by seeing the following movie. When turning the head swing function on, the body turns automatically to 30 degrees right and left automatically. In the movie, I started it with the volume of "HIGH", but it was almost silent.

I examined Maxz's "swinging ozoneo MXAP-ARD 100" heading function - YouTube

"To actually deodorize the damp dry odor?", We will compare experiments with "editorial staff at home" when "circulator is installed" and "when room ozoneo is installed". For this experiment, we are preparing laundry which was left for about 4 days.

In order to verify the ability of ozoneo for room drying, this time it is dare to wash with "no detergent".

Laundry is completed in about 40 minutes.

First, install a commercially available circulator and dry the laundry.

After 8 hours, check the laundry. Although it did not smell from the whole laundry, when you took a thick towel etc in the hand, it smells soft and dry.

Because the jersey etc are also thick, it looks like it is difficult to dry, and you will still have a freshly dried odor. I tried it even without a circulator, but it seems that the whole dryer smells damp.

This is Ozoneo for room drying! So I started the experiment.

First of all plug the power plug into the outlet ......

Set the main unit at a distance of about 50 cm from the laundry, switch on with remote control.

So it started working. Although it is an impression actually using remote control, because "the current setting is not displayed" on the remote control side, "I do not know how many hours the timer is" or "what is the current air volume". Since it is possible to check the display with only the main body side, it seems to be set while watching the main body until you get used to it. Also, in that case it was more convenient to push the button on the main unit side than the remote control. In the experiment of this time I tried to set the setting to "No timer mode (auto OFF at 8 hours)" "HIGH volume". Like the circulators, the laundry is used for 4 days.

Ozoneo's room drying work, so I am going out to work as well. For the experiment, we pulled out the household electric appliances in the room from the outlet, and forcibly turned off them.

About 7 and a half hours later, I came home. When you enter the room you first feel the odor of the room. You can feel something like a light metal odor peculiar to ozone. This metal odor is not unpleasant and is something that can be understood as "Ozoneo is running."

And when I took the towel which I was drying the room, I was dry thoroughly. And above all, there was no odor of raw damp.

The jersey, which was thought to be a difficult problem, is also odorless. Even if you try sniffing by sniffing your nose, there is no smell.

Also, it is possible to disinfect the inside of the closet as well.

As a result of trying it, it certainly results in erasing the raw odor of ozoneo room drying for room drying. The running cost is also one time The electricity cost per 8 hours is cheap at around 6 yen, and for those who frequently use the room drying or in trouble during the rainy season it is a recommended home appliance.

In addition, at the time of article creation, the disinfection deodorizer "Ozoneo (OZONEO) for room drying" is now on sale from the Maxell direct sales site of the Rakuten Market at 13,824 yen including tax.

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