Misrepresentations from Twitter are pushed through continuously Users are panicked, bugs fixed

SNS and messaging applications that you use everyday are those that you can predict that "this is not enough if you are not watching smartphone." If a large number of notifications contrary to that expectation are displayed, it is worrisome "What happened?!", But only a list of alphabets and numbers are displayed among some Twitter users A bug reporting that more than one mystery notification is being sent has been reported.

Twitter Users Get Strange Letters and Numbers Notification | Time

Everyone is freaking out over this weird Twitter notification

On October 16 (Tue) 12:30 local time, many Twitter users received strange notices on smartphones. According to the report, it seems that a considerable number of users have received multiple notifications consecutively, and the notice says that a combination of numbers and alphabets and one or more colons are combined. Many Twitter users tweet screenshots as Twitter sent a lot of mysterious notifications without any explanation.

"Twitter has become unknown to Wake after the latest update. Does anyone know about this problem?"

"Is there someone else receiving strange notifications from Twitter?"

"Does anyone know what this Twitter notification is?"

"What's going on with Twitter notification?"

"Twitter, what is this notification, including hash data?"

Some did not receive a notice and some people tweet that "I am the only person not receiving numbers notification from Twitter."

Taping on these notifications did not show a specific tweet or the like, it only opened a notification screen for the Twitter account.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey said tweets from his Twitter account, "We are already working on this issue." As Dosse CEO's notification screen shows notifications by alphabet and numeric strings in multiple ways, it seems to be a victim of misrepresentation notice being displayed like many users.

After that, Dorsey reported that the problem was fixed.

Furthermore, concerning the cause of the problem, "Twitter uses a badge count (such as a not-yet-read notification or DM) to send an invisible background notification to the application. No background notification "has become visible for only a short time" It is explained.

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