The vast amount of data generated by the automated driving car is owned by the automaker rather than the owner of the car

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In an automated driving car that carries a number of sensors and allows the computer to judge the situation and run, a huge amount of data is constantly being generated. Although its contents are valuable data in the development of automated driving cars and safety measures, such as the condition of the vehicle and the surrounding environment, in most cases the car ownership of the property rights (database copyright) on the data doing.

EU hijacking: self-driving car data will be copyrighted ... by the manufacturer / Boing Boing

In October 2018, an incident occurred which was a verdict on the automatic driving car that the EU Congress conducted. According to the new regulation which was raised on the agenda, "Since the data created by the automated driving vehicle was created automatically, and because the root is not a creative thing from the root, the database is protected by copyright It was inappropriate to do ", but the rule was rejected by the European People's Party .

The European People's Party is also a power that has pushed forward the "revised copyright draft directive" which is dominated by the evaluation "godless" worldwide.

EU passed a revised bill on copyright law including "Link Tax" and so on - GIGAZINE

As the new rule is rejected, the data generated by the automatic driving car will continue to be protected by the copyright, but the point that should be noticed is that "Whose data is the data?" In particular, the data generated by the automatic driving car can be valuable data for evaluating the safety of the automatic driving car, improving the quality, and judging whether the vehicle can actually operate according to the specifications. However, at the present time these data are said to be owned by each car maker by agreement exchanged with the user.

One example is the case of the manufacturer Dear and Company , which is engaged in the development and sale of agricultural vehicles and construction equipment under the "John Deere" brand.

John Deere US | Products & Services Information

The company's agricultural tractor is equipped with a function to judge the soil fertility by a humidity sensor etc. and generate data of vast agricultural land in association with position information of centimeter level accuracy. This data will be used for agricultural production of users, but in fact the initiative is on the manufacturer side. The data generated by the tractor can not be viewed directly by the farmer, but the data to be released remains only a part of the whole. In addition, the data seems to be readable only through the application provided by the former seeds manufacturer, formerly Monsanto (currently under Bayer).

Of course, this is defined by the contract that the user had in advance with the manufacturer, and it is protected by digital rights management ( DRM ), so it is not illegal. And those who are in the position of ownership of data rights, such as manufacturers, are developing business based on that data.

Basically it does not receive any acknowledgment because it is a real business activity itself, but the data produced by a wide range of vehicles such as automatic driving cars is not only used in business, but also improvement of safety and quality evaluation , As well as the possibility to be used even for new transportation systems and urban designs based on that data. That is, large assets for the next generation are concealed here, but if the data is monopolistically utilized by a specific person, that 'asset' is utilized in an optimal form I can hardly expect.

Although the situation that the data produced by the automatic driving car no longer is the "tree that produces money" itself is born, the effort to make the asset widely available for society will also be debated It seems likely to be a problem.

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