What is 'tokophobia' that has extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth?

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Studies have shown that Tokophobia (Tocophobia / childbirth phobia), which has great fear of pregnancy and childbirth, is easy to overlook and is not attracting attention. The phobia of childbirth is something that can not be solved by the word "anyone with anxiety about giving birth", researchers at Hull University in the UK say they need support and treatment of experts.

Tokophobia: the women with an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth

It is natural for a woman who has never experienced childbirth to have fear of pain, damage, confusion during childbirth, or fear of childbirth by a woman who experienced difficult childbirths in the past. However, some women said that anxiety about childbirth is so large that they can be called "phobia", some choose to have no children, or even choose pregnancy paths when pregnant.

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Although there are effective treatments to relieve pregnancy phobia, treatment is possible only when women have open fear of childbirth or when experts have identified females with pregnancy phobia . Therefore, in order for women to receive appropriate treatment at an appropriate timing, it is necessary to raise awareness of pregnancy phobia and secure access to inspection tools and women's tests.

For example, in the UK for 10 years, Hull University in the UK has provided regional services to help women in childbearing with mental health problems receive support. This service is made up of mental health professionals, midwives and public health nurses in cooperation, and it is said that the aim of women with childbearing phobia is to be easily treated.

In a study published in December 2017, it has been shown that negative stories about childbirth at SNS increase women's fear of childbirth, while discussing their experiences is aided by many women's help It also becomes. Research showed that sharing support with fellows and sharing difficult experiences in 2014 can soften people's loneliness and give a sense of being "accepted".

According to past research results, there are two groups of people thinking that "discussing birth experiences is effective as a treatment" and those thinking that "fear is increased by talking about birth experiences." In September of 2018 the British media The Guardian published an article titled "Should discuss more about childbirth", but what matters is rather how "sharing of birth stories" affects others Researchers say it is to think. Furthermore, it is said that those who transmit SNS about their birth trauma (traumatic injury) should be able to receive expert support.

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People with serious unease about birth can not eliminate anxiety even if they are told that "They are all right, because they are a little anxious." What they need is considerate, adequate and good care.

Of course, this does not mean that "all women who expressed concern about childbirth need to treat fear". If anything, it's like saying, "Even if you are not a woman suffering from childbirth phobia, profits will be gained by expert intervention if anxiety over birth increases." Anxiety about childbirth has an adverse effect on both mother and child. It is important to make early intervention before causing serious problems.

Providing high-quality care reduces the probability that women who have finished their first birth have birth phobia. With this, it is thought that "Trauma experience stories" shared in the first place will also decrease.

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