A report summarizing the shocking facts such as 'About 38% of people listening to music in a way that is not legitimate' will be released

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The International Music and Recording Industry Association (IFPI), an international music industry association based in the UK, has released a report analyzing the trends of music consumers around the world. In the report, the shock facts on world music consumption such as "YouTube accounts for 47% of music streaming service", "38% of music consumers overall are listening to music other than regular means" It is done.

(PDF file) https://www.ifpi.org/downloads/Music-Consumer-Insight-Report-2018.pdf

YouTube accounts for 47 percent of music streaming, study claims

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From April to May 2018, when IFPI conducted a survey of music consumers from 16 to 64 years old, people listen to music for an average of 17.8 hours per week, per day People are listening to music for about 2.5 hours. Also, 86% of music consumers used on-demand music distribution service, and 75% found that smartphones were used as a device to listen to music.

When asking young people between the ages of 16 and 24, "If you can listen to music by only one means, what will you choose?" 50% answered "music distribution service". Although there are various things such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, etc. as music distribution service, 38% of the total users are listening to music using pirated copyrights infringing copyright, download service, It turned out by survey.

There are various situations where people listen to music, and 66% of people in the world "listen to music in the car". In particular, in countries such as South Africa, Germany and the United States, over 75% answered that they are listening to music in the car. Also, it turns out that 40% of people listening to music while studying or working. Especially in Mexico, 68% of people are listening to music during work or study.

Some people listen to music such as relaxing time (63%), housework (54%), during exercise (36%), others as well as people who listen to music when sleeping at night are also about 19% It is said that it is. Also, young people aged 16 to 24 had a tendency to listen to music for a longer period than other ages.

As a popular music genre, popularity of 1st place is 64%, second place lock is 57%, third place dance · EDM etc is 32%, movie installation is 30% to fourth place. Also, Japan (66%), Korea (62%), France (69%) were mentioned as countries where their country's music consumption is high. In Japan, nearly two-thirds are listening to J-Pop, and 29% are listening to animation-related music.

Smartphones are gaining great popularity as a device for listening to music, and it seems that 27% of the total time consumers listen to music is listening to music on smartphones. Also, when asking young people between the ages of 16 and 24, "If you can only listen to music on one device, what would you choose?" 58% answered "smartphone".

Countries such as Mexico (93%), Brazil (92%), Argentina (89%) are ranked as countries with a high rate of using smartphones for music playback. Also, 30% of people answer that they are following their favorite artists on SNS.

People who use music distribution service to listen to music are increasing all over the world, and 86% of users use on-demand music distribution service. On the other hand, many people do not pay the music distribution service, 47% of people using music distribution service answer "You are listening to free sound sources on YouTube." In addition, 20% of people use free music distribution service, and the proportion of those who pay money to the music distribution service itself is only 28%.

In addition, the survey found that users of the radio also persisted strongly. 86% of respondents said that they listen to music on the radio, and 25% of total time to listen to music is due to radio broadcasting. Looking at the proportion of people using radio by country, it seems that more than 80% of music consumers are using the radio in many countries, but Korea (66%) and Japan (50%) are the world Looking at it is low numerical value.

Unfortunately, 38% of music consumers are listening to music that was delivered or uploaded in a way that violated copyright. The music industry is strengthening the pressure to raise an appeal against the illegal music distribution service and the " stream ripping " method of illegally extracting music MP3 files from YouTube movies.

In China with more population, 96% of people are consuming music. The percentage of people using streaming service is 89%, the total time to listen to music in one week is about 15.5 hours. Also, it is shown that there are many people who share their favorite music with SNS such as WeChat and Mr. Masahiro Shinnabu (Weibo).

In India with a large population as well as China, 96% of music consumers actually use smartphones for music reproduction, and the percentage of music consumers is the highest in the world. Also, 96% of people are listening only to music that does not violate copyright, and it turns out that there are a lot of people listening to music in a regular way. Thoroughly prospering movie-prosperous country, it turned out that Bollywood related music is getting very popular.

Looking at the report released this time, it is clear that the wave of digitization is getting on in the music industry. In the future, the music industry is expected to focus on music distribution service more than ever, and will focus on eradicating illegal music download service and pirated version.

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