While the Sumida Aquarium & Kyoto Aquarium holds a penguin penguin 'Super Lunar Pen Election', the battle for center conflict will be cut off

The Sumida Aquarium and the Kyoto Aquarium formed the industry's first idol penguin units "EDO-CCO (Edoko)" and "MIYA-CCO (Miyako)", respectively, and decided that center " Love Tentative Pen Super Election " in October, 2018 It is held from 1st (Monday). Each penguin's personality has been pushed out, it is an event full of penguins love, so you can actually participate in the "Instagram account follow" or "Go to the aquarium and vote in the ballot box".

Industry's first ※ 1! Vote for your pen in the idol penguin unit "EDO-CCO (Edko)" "MIYA-CCO (Miyako)" "LOVE Tentative pen super election" to go to see! October 1 (Monday) - November 18 (Sun) Penguin full feather, I will start the installation
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You can see the whole picture of what "LOVE Tentative Pen Super Election" is all about by watching the following movie.

A penguin to go to see! "LOVE Tentative pen super election" held! ! Kyoto Aquarium 【Official】 - YouTube

Industry's first ... ....

The creation of an idol penguin unit.

There are two idle penguin units, one by the Sumida Aquarium affiliated penguin group.

Born in Sumida-ku, bred up in Sumida-ku ...

EDO - CCO (Eddeco) All 11 birds.

The members are as follows. Ameba Buddha's "Festival"

Shinkansen gate of newcomer staff "Hanabi"

Tofu mental "Happi"

Damen's favorite "Tako"

Commitment to sardines "Ringing"

Bullish in front of classmates "Wattoi"

Chibikko Gang 'Anmitsu'

The prince I want to protect "Azuma"

One beautiful girl "Anko" in 1000

Healing and shimmaburi "Lantern"

There are 11 catchy copies that make you want to hear in detail, and a one-year-old child "Kiriko" full of elegance ... ....

Another group belongs to the Kyoto aquarium.

Born in Kyoto, I grew up in Kyoto "MIYA - CCO (Miyako)" total of 11 birds.

Belonging members are as follows. Curious without stopping "Shucho"

The fastest escape foot "Oopsy"

Tsundere "Do"

Sometimes a home security guard "Maru"

Furious food fighter 'Ahn'

Handsome exciting "shizen"

People like penguins "Shimamachi"

Cool beauty of magic "Terra"

My father's blow "Aya"

The brilliant mother "Hachi"

There are 11 birds, one bird wolf "Sensei" ......

Each "first center competition election" will begin now!

Penguin to go to see "Love Tentative pen super election"

It is you who decide the primary center! So, I understand that it is such awful momentum, but what exactly is it? And it was a movie that caused doubts.

What kind of ballot will the "Love Tentative Pen Super Election" concretely decide by voting? That was detailed on the web page of the Sumida Aquarium / Kyoto Aquarium.

"LOVE Tentative pen super election" held! ! | Sumida Aquarium

"LOVE Tentative pen super election" held! ! | Kyoto Aquarium

First of all, in addition to what to decide the pen tip pen, "Observe thoroughly in the aquarium", "Ask the breeding staff to listen to the individuality", and "There is a thing to see through each penguin's instant".

The instagram account of MIYA-CCO members can be seen from here .

The Instagram account of EDO-CCO members is from here .

You can vote by 1 point by following Instagram 's account, and physical vote by 2 points when you go to the aquarium actually. In addition, although basic voting is limited to 1 vote per visit, a limited menu will be displayed where additional voting tickets can be obtained at the café in the hotel. The voting deadline is November 18, 2018.

When it is selected as the center penguin, deployment such as "release of music at the main vocal", "goods conversion, sales start" and "event appearance" are awaiting, and the future will be anticipated as the idol of the penguin world.

On each website, the thought of the aquarium that led to the holding of "Love Tentative Pen Super Election" was spelled out.

I would like you to feel the penguins living in the Kyoto aquarium more closely. We had been thinking about such a thing for a long time. I hope that you will come to see me, not coming to see a penguin. So, first of all, I thought you'd like to have one "favorite penguin". That child is energetic, I want to see you, I want to see you, I like to think about my favorite penguins like that I care about my favorite friends like that. This "Suspen pen super election" started to wish to become a trigger for that. I'm glad if you join us too. True, our penguins are super cute.

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