Cloudflare's registrar service with the firm's lowest point being definite is started with registrar's share of zero in domain registration

" Cloudflare " which provides content delivery network, Internet security service, and distributed domain name server system that started services in 2010 received many inquiries from users as "Do not register registrar ?" From the beginning of service It seems that it has come. Such Cloudflare will finally start the service as a registrar. The service is built based on the three principles "trust" "security" "fair price".

Introducing Cloudflare Registrar: Domain Registration You Can Love

The reason why Cloudflare began to serve as a registrar was to solve internal problems as well as other services of the company. In 2013, Cloudflare learns that hackers are exploiting registrar systems, and they will feel a sense of crisis in operating some domains on security insecure registrars. Cloudflare began looking for a more secure registrar, but it seems that even expensive services that highlight security are felt to be quite dangerous, none meeting Cloudflare's security standards. So ultimately Cloudflare decides to build registrars themselves.

After that, some customers noticed that Cloudflare is managing their own registrar, and enterprise registrar service using custom domain protection for security-conscious customers is decided from numerous requests .

Cloudflare seems to have investigated what consumers dislike about existing registrars when starting registrars. I heard that there were scattered opinions that "discounted prices are offered at the time of domain registration, but prices will continue to rise each time after updating". According to Cloudflare's survey, registrars have come up to present up to about twice the update price from the time of registration.

The reason why we get into such a situation is that a major registrar seeks the company's profits and sells the top-level domain (TLD) by adding a substantial fee to the wholesale price.

Cloudflare has promised itself to be a registrar that can solve these problems, and we are providing users with "the best possible security" at the "best price". Specifically, in terms of security, two-step authentication is enabled, the domain registration is locked by default, and security services such as DNSSEC are automatically enabled.

Regarding the price aspect, Cloudflare Registrar promises to provide domains at wholesale price claimed by each TLD. This is the same not only at the time of registration but also at every year's update. For example, "Verisign" which holds the TLD ".com" requests $ 7.85 per year (about 890 yen) to register the ". Com" domain. ICANN, a non-profit organization that manages domain names, requests uniformly $ 0.18 per year (about 20 yen) to pay for all registered domains. The total of these 8.03 dollars (about 910 yen) is the amount that the registrar will invite to the user side whenever operating the ".com" domain, but in addition to this, by raising the profits of their company by adding a fee I will try to. However, Cloudflare's registrar does not charge this fee at all, and it will be possible to register the ".com" domain with 8.03 dollars remaining. For that reason, "We are only pinging the API, so there is no incremental fee, do you have to pay more than wholesale price?"

When using TLD with Cloudflare registrar, annual cost will be less than below. For enterprises operating multiple domains, it should lead to a substantial reduction in fixed costs.

However, it seems that Cloudflare Registrar can not actually register a new domain, and this service will be provided only for Cloudflare users who transfer existing domains to Cloudflare. Still Cloudflare expects a considerable demand and plans to slowly issue an invitation to Cloudflare registrar so that it can move smoothly. If you wish to use the Cloudflare registrar as a Cloudflare user, you can sign up for Early Access .

According to Cloudflare, if all Cloudflare users migrate to the Cloudflare registrar, they can save a total of about 50 million dollars a year (about 5.7 billion yen).

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