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Konami's arcade music game " DanceDanceRevolution " celebrated its 20th anniversary from the operation in September 1998. In commemoration of this, the category "DDR SELECTION" appeared in the game, it became possible to play the representative song of the series title divided into the age, an event such as addition of songs that color 20th anniversary Deployment is done.

DanceDanceRevolution 20th anniversary

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Prior to the whole world "Japan Blade Runner Black 2022" released in Japan, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of "Cowboy Bebop" - GIGAZINE

A fatal mistake occurred why a picture of Yoda and the king was posted in a textbook issued by the country - GIGAZINE

Is "intelligence" inherent in it? It turns out that people stop growing by becoming confidently excess - GIGAZINE

The real reasons why Apple 's logo mark apple is being taunted - GIGAZINE

A different color road race that collaborated with "Theatrical version Wimpy pedal" was held, so I got into the venue and caught sight of the situation - GIGAZINE

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" opening, ufotable 15th anniversary exhibition · Lapping taxi departure ceremony · Outdoor concert etc. implemented - GIGAZINE

It suggests the possibility that "justice and morality get inherited from parents" - GIGAZINE

"WEX - 733D" which can be improved simply by inserting Wi - Fi which is weak and difficult to connect Wi - Fi into outlet - GIGAZINE

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Digitized images of valuable materials etc will be freely available (from October 2018) | Kyushu University Library

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Typhoon 24 May hit the Japanese archipelago directly (Nikkan Forecast Professor, September 26, 2018) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

The nightmare of the new socialist revolution that ends capitalism "Awesome from EU withdrawal" advocating publicizing the Japanese company in a shattered manner (Kimura Masato) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Changing the diaper at the United Nations meeting room, the delegation of Japan surprised: International: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Bill submitted in a direction to widely accept foreign talent" Chief Cabinet Secretary | NHK News

The city planned to utilize the closed "Children's Castle" complex type public facilities | NHK News
Even before GIGAZINE it has been posted as "GIGAZINE I tried staying at the" Children's Castle Hotel "in Aoyama, Tokyo .

Takoyaki restaurant 130 million yen tax evasion owner accepts in first trial Osaka | NHK News

Arrested guys by fake privilege of beef horn / Pokemon arrested men and others: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: Philippine police arrested a senator who criticized President Duttelte

Woman chasing while adult video streaming 23-year-old company employee arrested Shizuoka - Sankei news

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What happened in the chicken society after the typhoon "It is easily attacked by pests and stress of natural disasters is easy for bullying" It is almost the same as human society - Impact - Togetter

Painful news (No ∀ `): Nagoya city" Is toilet paper of public toilet necessary? "- Livedoor blog

Everyone who saw "signs of humility disappearing" 14 "Many people" and "A node to recognize" Many cold sweets - Togetter

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Approach to sponsorship of technical conference | F's Garage

Announcing Microsoft's ability to participate in the latest Excel "People squatting in the ability to enter data when taking pictures of paper data" Is there a gap in printing ...? - Togetter

【Photokina】 Panasonic, 35mm full size mirrorless "S1R" "S1" Development announcement - Digital camera Watch

Strategic collaboration "L Mount Alliance" by Leica, Panasonic, Sigma | Notice | SIGMA | SIGMA CORPORATION

Press announcement material: (Information) Launch of LTE-M communication method for IoT service | News | NTT DoCoMo

Why is it persistent? I tried to ask the store "thumb shift" | Bunshun online

The difference between Japan and the United States seen in "ECG (electrocardiogram)" of Apple Watch: Health: Nikkei Digital Health

Power Plans of the US Real Estate Portal War ① (Organizing the Current Status) - Hiro Ichikawa (Ko Ichikawa) - Medium

Make a paint, lightly bendable battery! What? Possibility of perovskite solar cell | TOSHIBA CLIP

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【Official】 Dr. Okiddo and Dr. Willow chase the mystery of the new Pokemon! "W Professors" Profile 01 "New Pokemon, Discovery" - YouTube

TV animation "Karakuri Circus" 2nd Animation PV - YouTube

【「Kurodori Sudden Boy」 (Kadokawa Beans Bunko) Animation Planning In Progress PV】 - YouTube

SEGA Sammy 'The First Day' - YouTube

"Wonder Gravity ~ Pino and Gravity Use ~" Promotion Movie - YouTube


The story that the case arrested by Pokemon Doujinshi is pretty different from the fact that the tail fin is attached - Togetter

"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi" Chapter 6 Regeneration Theater Trailer (60 seconds) - YouTube

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"Tsubara" Resident Takanohana Room Property "Immovable" - Grand Sumo: Nikkan Sports

Teruyuki Kagawa's entrepreneur's clothes, Let's wear: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

NHK Kariya Fujio Mr. Takanohana to Mr. Takanori "Unusual" wish When discussing "I want you to respond" Net echo - Sponichi Annex Sports

Takanohana Masami Sumo Association desires to resign retirement request not to respond | NHK News

"Maniac" special image: Reflections - YouTube

[Sad] Medium Asahio, Retirement: Dragon Speed ​​(Ryuukoku)

76: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/09/26 (Wednesday) 0: 15: 35.26 ID: zzWIHLoYd
I do not think retirement will become a reality before Iwase

Seibu Matsui retiring from active season only for this season, to a nearby team announcement: Nanjei stadium @ N J summary

Lotte Okada, the reason for retirement "I could not keep up with the ball I used to catch up": Summary Lotte!

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(PDF file) The collaboration of microphone popcorn and popular smartphone games realized! Mike Popcorn × Monster Strike "Microphone Popcorn Sour Stripe Grass!? Beef Steak Flavor" Started selling on October 1st (Monday) ~ Popular characters including Pandora are packaged! ~

KEBA Energy Vodka PV 30sec Ver - YouTube

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