What is the way BBC figured out the crime scene, time and criminal from only one 'civilian massacre video by soldier'?

In July 2018, the terrible movie "soldiers kill civilians in places like Africa" ​​on the Internet was spread. With a single movie that does not contain detailed information, BBC , a British broadcasting station, has opened footprints on Twitter as they approach the truth of slaughter.

Massacre movies spread all over the world can be seen from the following tweets. Although the BBC cuts the scene of the end of the movie, it sees how two women and two children were killed by a soldier. Although the killing scene itself is cut, it is a sufficiently stimulating movie, so care must be taken not to forcibly see the person who is not good.

What you are seeing is a peaceful rural landscape at first sight.

However, a man walking at the top while whistling has a gun ... ...

Later women and children were taken to men who seemed to be soldiers. A scene where a man holding a woman claps a woman 's face is also put in the movie.

A soldier's man talks to a woman in a high-pressure tone ... ...

Another woman wearing pink dress is also captured by soldiers.

A young child was carried on the back of a woman wearing pink clothes.

Women and children are brought to a stormy place ... ...

I will be blindfolded.

After the women and children are sitting on the ground ......

A gunshot echoes. The original movie continued after this, and a total of 22 bullets were shot down.

As the movie spreads, the point that "Where is this place where the genocide occurred" became a topic. Internet users' opinions agree that the occurrence site is Africa-like, and it seems that speculation such as "Is not Cameroon " or " Mari ?" Flied around.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary, who is a communications minister for Cameroon suspected as a massacre site on July 11, 2018, issued a statement that "This movie is a fake news, not a Cameroon army soldier."

However, the BBC has doubts about the announcement made by the Cameroon government and begins to identify the site of massacre independently. From the ridgeline of the characteristic mountain reflected in the movie ...

I found a mountain that fits perfectly on Google Earth.

BBC identified the mountain reflected in the movie as a mountain seen near the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. From the position where the mountain can be seen, the slaughter is said to be a road on the outskirts of the town called Zelevet located in the north of Cameroon. In the vicinity of Zelevet, the Islamic extremist group Boco Hallam and the Cameroon army are fighting and the possibility of massacre by the Cameroon army has increased.

Structure and natural objects reflected in the movie against Google Earth ......

BBC will carefully narrow down the slaughterhouse.

As a result, the BBC has identified to the detailed site.

After the site could be identified, the BBC began to examine the point "When was this movie filmed?" Then, it became clear that one of the buildings reflected on the back of the movie was "not built as of November 2014". Therefore, this movie was taken after November 2014.

It also turned out that the buildings reflected in different scenes "are gone as of February 2016". The movie was shot within the range of November 2014 to February 2016. In addition, because it can be seen from the movie that the ground is dry, there is a high possibility that the genocide occurred between January and April, which is the dry season. From January to April 2015, or January to February 2016 remained as possibilities.

Subsequently, BBC focuses on the shadow of the soldier in the movie. Find out the position of the sun from the shadow of the soldier.

I applied the mechanism of the sundial from the position of the sun then and calculated the period during which this shadow appears in Cameroon's crime scene. Then, it turns out that this sun's position is realized between March 20 and April 5, and the movie was taken between March 20 and April 5, 2015 I understood that until then.

When the place and the time are known, the next thing we should keep track of is "Who did this killing?" The gun that the soldier shown in the movie has is a type called " Zastava M21 " made by Serbia . Although it is an unusual gun in sub-Saharan Africa ......

In the Cameroon army it seems that Zasutaba M21 is adopted.

Also, the camouflage clothing worn by a soldier in the movie is very similar to what the Cameroon army wears.

The Cameroon government had made a claim that "the equipment of the soldier is too light, so it is not a legitimate Cameroon army", but the massacre site is only 880 m away from the outpost of the Cameroon army. Therefore, it is unlikely that it is unnatural that a soldier is lightly dressed.

In August 2018, the Cameroon government announced that it changed the position so far, "We are detaining 7 Cameroon soldiers and they are in the process of being investigated." From the name stated in the statement, the BBC began to identify the three members involved in the murder.

In the movie, three culprits involved in the murder were displayed.

Among them, a man wearing the rightmost camouflage clothing was introduced as "Tchotcho" in the movie.

BBC succeeded in identifying this man's Facebook page. It is said that he took a testimony that this man was "Tchotcho Cyrique Bityala" by mistake by an anonymous person who belonged to the Cameroon army.

Subsequently, he also got a testimony from a military source saying "Barnabas Gonorso" for men who are blindfolded by women.

I heard that I could not get detailed information about this person, but I found a similar name "Barnabas Donossou" in the list published by Cameroon.

Finally, the BBC did specific work for men called "Cobra" in the movie. Other members say "Tsanga, let 's go, we are already dead" against the "Cobra" who continued to shoot the victims until the end.

In the roster announced by the Cameroon government, the name of "Tsanga" is listed, and the possibility that this person's nickname was "Cobra" increased.

When the BBC inquired the Cameroon government on this incident, the Cameroon government replied that "We are investigating now and conduct strict interrogation of the criminals and make fair punishment." However, the BBC said, "There will be no interrogation for murdered women and children, they will have been killed unilaterally without even being given opportunities for defense," said the BBC, clarifying the will to protest against the case It is.

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