The mystery of the universe 'The disappeared baryon' problem is elucidated by a new observation method

There are many mysteries that have not yet been unveiled in the universe, and the best example is dark matter that can not be seen by human eyes. On the other hand, however, human beings are able to grasp about the "visible substances" of human beings in about 60% of the total, and the remaining 40% have been regarded as mysteries. With the new approach introduced this time, the remaining 40% existence has been confirmed.

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It is said that dark matters that you can always hear in space related topics are substances that can not be found by observation methods of modern human beings. When considering the composition of the entire universe, the material that human beings can observe is only 4.9% of the universe as a whole, with respect to the remaining dark matter (26.8%) and dark energy (68.3%) There are few clues yet.

Collectively an atom can be observed humanity baryon but are called, for the baryon is also a fact observed can be're the whole of 60%, check whether the remaining 40% are present where ever It was not done. This is a problem that has been regarded as a " disappeared baryon problem ", which means that about 3% of the elements that make up the universe have not understood the actual condition of humanity.

Research on this invisible "dark baryon" has been progressed, but at last it was confirmed what it seemed to be. In the vast universe space, substances are gathered in the form of "stars" and their aggregates "galaxies" and galaxies gathered "super galaxies". And, this supercluster is not uniformly present in outer space but is distributed in a state like a wall on the plane, it is called a galaxy filament . In addition, the gathering structure of galaxy filaments is called a large-scale structure of the universe, just like an assembly of bubbles when whisking soap. The large-scale structure of the universe is regarded as the largest structure in this universe.

By European Southern Observatory

Astrophysicists have tried to unravel the dynamics of the universe by finding the mass of the substance gathered in this structure, but as its reality becomes clearer, it is said that "only by the visible substance, the actual universe I can not explain the state of the dilemma "has come to occur. Led by the concept of "dark matter" and "dark energy", it has been regarded as the greatest mystery in the universe, but in parallel therewith the "disappeared baryon problem" also exists as a mystery of the universe It was.

It was a new approach of the research team by Fabrizio Nicastro et al. Of the National Institute for Astrophysics (Robotics Institute for Astrophysics) in Rome, Italy, which decided to unravel its mystery. Generally, when detecting the intergalactic gas "warm-hot intergalactic medium" (WHIM) having a temperature of over 1 million Kelvin considered to be the identity of the disappeared baryon, when hydrogen atoms are detected at a specific wavelength By observing how it absorbs the light, I will draw out the situation. However, hydrogen atoms in an extremely high temperature state are in a state where they do not absorb light because protons and electrons are in a plasma state.

By Martin Heigan

Therefore, the research team attempted to detect unknown WHIM by focusing on the oxygen atom having 8 electrons instead of hydrogen atom. With this method, we observe how the light from the celestial body " Quasar " far away from the earth changes due to oxygen atoms, and to grasp the existence of WHIM which could not be found by conventional methods It is possible. Analyzing the light of the quasar that arrives from all directions of the universe, it seems that data that complements the missing area as "disappeared baryon problem" was obtained.

This research is an analysis of data obtained by the space telescope " Planck " which was launched by ESA (European Space Agency) in 2009 and has been operated until 2013. From now on, it is expected to unravel more detailed Baillon's figure by observing more quasars with higher precision with higher performance next-generation X-ray observation equipment and ultraviolet telescope etc.

By European Southern Observatory

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