Kansai dashi and gentle scent of salt and soy sauce appetizing appetite Ace cook 'One Tanmen Kansai Dashi Shoyu' I tried eating

Ace cook's popular product "One Tanmen" will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2018. Among such one tanmen, " (bag) One Tanmen Kansai Dashi Shoyu " taste, the ace cock renewed from September 17, 2018 (Monday). While utilizing the umami of konbu dashi essential for Kansai dashi, it was said that it evolved into a refined taste, actually cooked and tried to eat.

One Tanmen Kansai Soy Sauce
(PDF file) https://www.acecook.co.jp/news/pdf/1808_RW.pdf

One Tanmen Kansai Soy Sauce is a pack of 5 packs per bag.

Of course, there is wonton of mochi texture in addition to ordinary ramen, as well as one Tanmen.

The content is 97 g per meal and the energy is 436 kcal. Looking at the raw materials, "fried noodles" is used in addition to common ingredients such as "flour" and "soy sauce". Also, it seems that soup also contains "powder soy sauce" "bonito extract" "kelp extract".

First of all, I will cook one bag as it is without using ingredients.

In the bag was fried fish and powder soup.

Fried noodles are stuck with wonton.

First of all, boil 500 cc of water and introduce fried fish.

Boil for 3 minutes, turn off the fire and put the powder soup ......

I stir well.

Move it to a bowl of bowl and complete it. There is a gentle fragrance of fish and shellfish sushi.

The soup was clear, light brown in color, when it was drunk it felt a strong soy sauce taste in addition to the flavor of the fish soup stock, and the soup became stronger in saltiness.

Fried noodle soup is felt as though it is shiny, but soup is well entwined.

Wonton has a firm thickness, you can enjoy a rich texture. Wonton is not wrapping meat.

Next, I will make using ingredients such as vegetables and eggs. Prepare Chinese cabbage · carrots · shredded onions · boiled eggs etc ... ...

Cabbage and carrots are cut so that the fire passes easily, and the boiled eggs are cut in half.

Afterwards boiled fried noodles as same as before ... ...

After 1 minute add Chinese cabbage and carrots and boil for 2 more minutes.

After turning off the fire put the powder soup, stir it well, transfer it to the vessel, then put on shredded leek, boiled eggs and it is completed.

As vegetables are added, it becomes easy-to-go nutritious Kansai style soy sauce taste one tanmen.

The "(bag) One Tanmen Kansai Soy Sauce" is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, excluding Hokkaido, Tohoku and Kyushu, and the suggested retail price is 525 yen (excluding tax) for 5 food packs and It is getting.

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