Panasonic's high-end 'LUMIX LX 100 M 2' review with Panasonic's 4/3 new sensor and 4K movie review

From the Panasonic digital camera brand "LUMIX", the high end compact digital camera " LX 100 M 2 " will appear on October 18, 2018. It is a successor to the " LUMIX LX 100 " that appeared in 2014, it has a new 4/3 type high sensitivity MOS sensor and a large aperture Leica DC lens, and it also supports 4K movies. I was able to borrow a real machine ahead of time, so I took it with Pasha Pasha.

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◆ The "LX100M2" opened box of "LX100M2" looks like this.

Instruction manual · 4K PHOTO simple guide · LUMIX CLUB guidance · LX100M2 main body · battery pack · AC adapter · shoulder strap · USB connection cable · lens cap string

USB connection cable terminals are USB and microUSB, which are used to charge the battery.

The shoulder strap was engraved with "LUMIX" and brand logo.

The output of the AC adapter is 5 V · 1.0 A

Battery pack is 7.2 V · 1025 mAh · 7.4 Wh. Approximate charging time is about 190 minutes (3 hours 10 minutes).

The main body size is 115.0 mm × height 66.2 mm. The following images are arranged side by side with iPhone X (long side 146.3 mm) lying down.

The depth is 64.2 mm. Placed with iPhone X with a thickness of 7.0 mm.

The body weight was 402 g when measuring by inserting the battery pack. Although it is not too heavy, having a heavy weight feeling when you hold it in hand.

When removing the lens cap and looking at the "LX100M2" main body from the front

"LX 100 M 2" is LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX 24 - 77 mm (converted to 35 mm focal length) · F1.7 - 2.8 lens is mounted. The filter diameter is 43 mm.

The lens barrel will automatically pop out when the power switch is turned on. You can see the movement of the lens when turning the power switch on and off by looking at the following movie.

Panasonic LUMIX "LX100M2" when you switch on the lens - YouTube

For the lens, there are "Aperture Ring" to change the aperture, a control ring for focus adjustment, and a switch to switch the aspect ratio of the picture. If you turn the aperture ring, you get a feel like ticking instead of turning smoothly.

There is a focus change switch on the side of the lens, it is possible to switch between three types of auto focus, auto focus (macro photography) and manual focus.

On the back is a 1.3 million dot · Capacitive type 3.0 type touch panel. The aspect ratio is 3: 2.

Part of the viewfinder. An eye sensor is mounted next to the electronic viewfinder.

Viewed from the top. The grip part protrudes to the right front side. The two holes in front of the hot shoe are stereo microphones.

The leftmost dial is the shutter speed dial. The shutter button in the center is set with the zoom lever. The most right is the exposure compensation dial. Four types of shooting modes, "Program AE Mode", "Aperture Priority AE Mode", "Shutter Priority AE Mode", and "Manual Exposure Mode" are switched by a combination of aperture ring and shutter speed dial.

Below the exposure compensation dial, a finger holder is placed to put the index finger when you hold the camera.

On the left side is only the part to attach the shoulder strap.

On the right side there is a part to attach the shoulder strap and a cover door of the HDMI terminal.

In addition to HDMI terminal for external output, microUSB terminal for charging is installed.

The bottom is like this. There is a screw hole for a tripod in the center, and there is a battery cover.

When opening the battery cover on the bottom, there was an insertion part of the SD card slot and the battery pack.

◆ I tried to shoot various things with "LX100M2" <br> I actually tried shooting various things with LX100M2. In the following shooting example, since the size of the original data exceeded 5 MB per one, it was resized to long edge 1200 by the lanczos 3 algorithm and saved as JPEG of quality 90%. However, other corrections and edits are not done. In shooting, the program AE mode is basically used, the exposure compensation is set to 0, the ISO, shutter speed, aperture are all automatically adjusted by the camera. ZIP file that summarizes the original data of just deleting the EXIF information, here If you click, you can download. The capacity of the ZIP file is 106 MB.

I tried shooting the flowers that were blooming in the nearby flower bed with the most zoomed.

Below are the pictures taken with the optical 3.1x zoom zoomed from the same position.

Red flowers blooming in a potted plant

When returning to the editorial department, the editorial staff was eating " Quattro / Ultimate Italian ". Pizza pizza before being completely consumed. The setting is ISO 200, F 2.8, shutter speed 1/60.

As I went outside in the middle of the night, thick clouds covered the sky. The moon day of the Mid autumn approaching and the moon was supposed to be rounded on the shooting day, but it was not clear at all with the clouds. The following pictures taken in program AE mode are ISO1600 · F1.7 · shutter speed 1/6.

A stone image of Ibaraki Doyo shot at ISO 1600 · F 1.7 · shutter speed 1/15.

The LX100M2 can also take exposure shots of up to 30 minutes. The following photographs are ISO 200 and F 16, and the road was exposed for 38 seconds. The trajectory of the car headlight remains in the picture.

The following image is a photograph of " Kuroge Wagyu Beefu " in autofocus.

The following is a picture taken by switching to auto focus (macro shooting). This setting is ISO 200, F1.8, shutter speed 1/125.

A piece of eggs entangled with a bite-squirrel was macroscopically shot in program AE mode only. Especially if you do not tinker with the settings, it will get blurred with a good feeling on the background bowl. ISO 200 · F 2.0 · Shutter speed 1/125.

At the south gate square of JR Osaka station, there is a " water clock " that it was chosen as one of the "12 most beautiful clocks in the world".

"LX100M2" can shoot 4K movies, so I tried taking water clock at 4K, 30fps, 100M.

【4K · 30fps · 100M】 Panasonic LUMIX 'LX100M2' with Osaka Station South Gate Square 'Water Clock' shot - YouTube

The satisfaction level actually seen using "LX100M2" is quite high, still thanks to the large aperture lens and the 4/3 type high sensitivity MOS sensor, it is possible to take a beautiful picture with sufficiently high image quality though it is a compact digital camera It is getting. Especially, it has a mechanical operation feeling which toggles dial and lens ring while taking over from previous model, switching setting. It is as exciting as if you are fiddling with analog cameras, you can do a wide way to enjoy it just like taking snapshots. On the other hand, since it has a touch panel, it also has intuitive operability, so even beginners of cameras can use it without problems.

Even if you take a total of 10 minutes of movies and carry around a day and shoot about 100 Pashaphasha, there was no sign that the battery will run out. Although there are some complicated parts if you are not familiar, such as mode switching, I felt it was a high end compact digital camera that you can use while enjoying it.

Panasonic 's Lumix "LX 100 M 2" is scheduled to be released on October 18, 2018, and at the time of article creation, it can be booked at with a tax of 112,836 yen.

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