Lenovo senior officials suggested that they are doing backdoor in China but not in other countries

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Executives of " Lenovo " who manufactures PCs, smartphones, server equipment etc. told the contents suggesting that the products produced for China include specifications tailored to local 'requests'. This "specification" is seen as a " back door " to enable the Chinese government to monitor the trend of the people.

Lenovo: Companies working in China may have to install local backdoors

It is Mr. Chris Merriman, a journalist of the technology-based media " The Inquirer " that pulls out this remark. Mr. Merriman, who got an opportunity to interview Peter Hortensius, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Lenovo 's event Lenovo Transform 2.0 , said, "What can be thought of as reasons for producing specialized products for China There is only one. " That is, I was asking, "Do you sell server products with backdoor for China?"

In response to this question, Mr. Hortensius said that the unmatched answer "We are tailored to the local situation" has been returned. Here Mr. Merriman plunged further and asked, "Does Lenovo ask the Chinese government to put backdoor?"

Then, Mr. Hortensius said, "If the Chinese government asked for a back door worldwide, I would not do it, if I were to say that if the Chinese government asked for a back door for the Chinese domestic market, For the time being, "I will answer" All multinational companies in China will do the same thing. " Mr. Hortensius also stated that "We will comply with local laws, and if local laws should not put backdoors, we will not have backdoors.We will not only comply with the law, I will follow the spirit of ethics and law. " And Mr. Hortensius further said, "In the same way, if there were other countries seeking access, and if there were more countries than not only China, what would be sought will be offered" I heard that he started answering another question here.

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Mr. Merriman says, "Lenovo is not doing it in China that we should not do in other countries, but what communicating through the Chinese server is to say that you are not" friends "to you It is said. Lenovo emphasizes that its server products are only distributed in China, but it seems that some "cost" will be required to develop business in countries with the world's largest population I conclude with.

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