Nintendo Switch 's paid online service 'Nintendo Switch Online' started September 19, 2018, a detailed service summary

" Nintendo Direct " to announce new game information from 7 o'clock on September 14, 2018 was broadcasted. Among them, it was announced that " Nintendo Switch Online " will be officially launched from Wednesday, September 19, 2018, after the free trial of online play of Nintendo Switch has ended and it becomes a paid online service.

Nintendo Switch Online | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

You can see how Nintendo Switch Online is, by looking at the official movie below.

Nintendo Switch Online Introduction Video - YouTube

"Nintendo Switch Online" mainly has five services.

First of all, " online play "

For battle and cooperative play via the Internet, you need to join Nintendo Switch Online.

Next, " Family Computer ". Software of old familiar computer is delivered every month, and you can play your favorite software.

Lineup at the time of service start is "Isleimer" "Ice Hockey" "Excite Motorbike" "Gradius" "Soccer" "Super Mario Bros." "Super Mario Bros. 3" "The Legend of Zelda" "The Downtown Blood Story" "Double Dragon" "Tecmo Ball "" Tennis "" Dr. Mario "" Donkey Kong "" Balloon Fight "" Wrestling "" Baseball "" Makai Village "" Mario Brothers "" Yoshi's egg "has become.

Of course you can play two people locally with Joy-Con.

You can also play online and cooperative playing online.

Soft lineup will be added every month.

Subsequently, " Save data kept "

Nintendo Switch can not back up saved data using microSD card or USB memory . Therefore, if there is something wrong with the hardware, valuable save data may also be lost.

If you use the "save data keeping" function, you can save save data to the cloud via the Internet. However, some games such as " Splatoon 2 " and " Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu · Let's Go! Eve " are not compatible with the "save data keeping" function, and saved data can not be saved in the cloud.

Also, " smartphone applications " that Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can use will also be delivered.

The application has a function that can make friends and voice chat.

In addition, it is also possible to view various information such as the result of the match game and the battle record of the friend.

In addition, Nintendo Switch Online announces that " subscriber limited benefits " will be prepared as well.

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid online service, the official version will start on September 19, 2018 (Wednesday). The usage price in the individual plan is 300 yen including tax for 1 month (30 days), 800 yen including tax for 3 months (90 days), 2400 yen including tax for 12 months (365 days). Also, the family plan that can cooperate up to 8 people accounts is 4500 yen including tax for 12 months (365 days).

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