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Information of the latest work "Director Mizushima Tsutomu " known as " Girls & Panzer " " Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilderness " has been lifted. It is Michiko Yokote who will serve as a series, and in a combination with Mizushima, " SHIROBAKO " " Prison School Girls Prison School " " Yoro you, Azazel ". It is scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2019.

TV anime "Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilderness" Tiza PV - YouTube

© Kotobuki Squadron Production Committee in the Wilderness

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Girls' junior high school student Ticket fraud 's complicated mysterious technique appears in Github' s sequence diagram in an easy to understand manner - GIGAZINE

Rolls-Royce is developing a navy's fully automated ship that can silently do military operations without being unattended and resting - GIGAZINE

Clearly that the sugar industry had acquired scientists to seize the negative image on sugar - GIGAZINE

Trick images of mysterious visuals that can not be seen at all can be seen Topics all over the world - GIGAZINE

MI 6's beautiful spy who carried out "Honey trap" to steal confidential information by color scheme during World War II - GIGAZINE

"WordSafety" that Naming can investigate words or names that have bad meaning in other languages ​​- GIGAZINE

Cool canned beer or juice to quinch in 2 minutes Easy way to transcend - GIGAZINE

[Dangyo] Dolby Surround's Dolby founder Ray Dolby died - GIGAZINE

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【Movie】 What happens to the giant when elephant dies | National Geographic Japanese version site

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Income statistics, the Cabinet Office also calculates excessively? Using the numerical value of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare numerical value | 【West Japan newspaper】

Russia, Japan's claim of territorialism "No way to accept" proposal is "fishing" - 47 NEWS

Bird aristocrat and fall, to stop the new store opening: Market situation Kabu full strength 2 stories

JR Hokkaido, already reduced by 800 million yen Failed due to earthquake, worried about rumor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Residents claiming reparation to Suruga Bank 35 billion yen - Kyodo News

Shizuoka soccer world is also upset Founder of Silga Silga, great influence: Asahi Shimbun Digital

United Nations, 38 countries concerned about repression of human rights organizations, Japan also - Kyodo News

Mr. Ishihisa Liberal Democratic Party, "Peace treaty by postponement of the territorial issue, leave evil": Asahi Shimbun Digital

The unknown man of the Great East Japan great earthquake survived Shiga prefecture residence or apply for livelihood protection - Kyodo News

Tokyo Institute of Technology: Increasing tuition fee by 100,000 yen for "educational environment enhancement" purpose - Mainichi Newspaper

Niigata prefectural police: arrested by arresting a hostage taken hostage male leaves - Mainichi Newspaper

Column: Japan after the bubble, even in the fall of the company "translation of win" | Reuters

CNN.co.jp: 9-year-old girl refusing to stand up national anthem singing, politician focused on Australia

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【Series】 "Manhattan Distribution Thought Nationwide" Part 1: Fierce Requests from Young Women in Kyoto - HONZ

8 cities nationwide: "Nagoya does not want to go back to the city" again Top Why - Mainichi Shimbun

News Up Is girls cheap labor? Working pool rate is over 40% ... | NHK News

Birth of "Working way generation" by relaxing labor? Adverse effects brought about by overtime work (1/2) <AERA> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

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"N Secondary Department" Utilize Net Technologies for Education to Open the School in Tokyo | 【West Japan Newspaper】

"Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen" (Urumaichi, Okinawa Prefecture) announced on April 13 that it will open a school 'N Secondary Department' that will practice education for junior high school students by using IT and other Internet technologies in Tokyo next April.

Hydroelectric power generation started | volume smaller | note

There is not freshness for about 4 years ago, but we are doing hydroelectric power generation.

It is a U-shaped groove of a small lake in a mountain villa and can generate electricity with a maximum output of 700 W.

The generated electricity is stored, and a sine wave inverter of 1500 W is outputting AC 100 V. I use this to make bread at home bakery.

The doubt that Japanese is wrong due to camouflage work because the father of LINE's Japanese is bad, so I was killed by a Filipino girls saying I broke up recently - Togetter

The story that made your own synth with the NOISE TOASTER kit - Circuit Bending Century m 3 My music instruments hacks & collection

You can also buy out of print books. Binding only when necessary Amazon's "print on demand" mechanism - PC Watch

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TV anime "Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilderness" Tiza PV - YouTube

【Tanaka Keiichi serial series: Zebius version】 Masanobu Endo, the creator of a work that brought a great influence on the gaming world, became a researcher as a result of his death. Everything is for Japanese games ─ ─ [Wakame]

"Girls & Panzer 63rd Battle Route National High School Student Competition Summary" Theater Notice - YouTube

TV animation "Slime was incarnated after incident" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

Nintendo Switch Software CM "Fight of Fight" Hen - YouTube

'Soul Calibur VI' mode introduction trailer - YouTube

A comic maker appeared that allows you to put your favorite lines in cartoon comics! : LINE Official Blog

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IOC, Olympic volunteer "Japanese citizens also want to consider" - Society: Nikkan Sports

Working negotiations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which discuss the progress of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, closed on the 12th. At a later interview, recently a question about volunteers being criticized as "black" etc. on the Internet and so on jumped and IOC's Vice Chairman John Coates stated his impression.

Takizawa Hideaki dedicates to producer to retire within the year: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Johnny's office announced on February 12 that his actor, Hideaki Takizawa (36) retired entertainment activities this year. Takki & Tsubasa with Tsubaki Imai (36) was dissolved on the 10th. Mr. Imai leaves the office and says he concentrates on medical treatment. Imai is suffering from Meniere's disease, and "Tackey & Tsubasa" also had been suspended from last autumn.

Message from the President September 13, 2018 | Johnny's Office | Johnny & Associates

Since Johnny's office was founded in 1962, Fujishima July joined the producer from the producer Janny Kitagawa and the manager Merry Kitagawa and on the way from the middle, and three people gathered together to cultivate a talent as a performing arts office , Johnny's seeming stage director, and the TV performances of the affiliated talents, etc., we have made an effort to "deliver happiness to everyone in the world through entertainment." My creative activities are established through the warm support of fans and the talents and efforts of the celebrities who have unlimited possibilities but everyone and staff members who are indebted together as a talent I wish to watch warmly and thank you for all my heart that I am the result of supporting me.

Since Fujishima Julie is constantly pursuing every day from the management aspect so that Johnny's office will be able to deliver better entertainment to everyone in the world of rapidly evolving entertainment, I keep a position as a producer all at once, many We are able to continue the creative activities of.

As far as I was a parent (producer) who raised talent and raised talent, we talked about talent who are my precious children no matter what kind of place or what kind of position, but this feeling changed there is no. All the talents who grew up under me are equal. If they got something through my creative activities and contributed to the development of the entertainment in the future, I would not be so happy. My greatest pleasure is that the talents who are expanding the fields of activity in all fields deliver dreams to everyone as my successor, and those who are pleased with their activities.

It was a longing dream that I could not fulfill in a single morning for me, establishing a training school that constantly develops talent who will inherit my will, and hope and wish. Although we had a lesson studio in the office so far, the idea that warmed up thinking about wanting to create a place that can correspond to all the basic and application necessary for the talents is finally in shape.

Today, Takizawa Hideaki took advantage of his experiences and knowledge as a talent, and said, "I want to help Mr. Johnny with the training of Johnny's Jrs." I was happy with tears and tears seemed to spill. I am thankful to Takizawa for making such a decision.

As entertainment activities are impossible as far as the times as far as the times are concerned, progress, development and diversification, my reliable successors will continue to work hard in order to deliver entertainment that everyone wants I'm looking forward to it.

I myself are still having days going to the theater and the studio. We will continue to work with the talent by continuing work from now on, so thank you for your further support.

September 13, 2018 Johnny's office President and Representative Director Johnny Kitagawa

"Very good solution", IOC supports the introduction of daylight saving time at Tokyo Olympics 3 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Russia 's World Cup final fight against invasion, poisoned and serious? I do not talk words losing sight | football channel

Osaka Naomi return home interview, Questions unrelated to tennis Question on SNS Jumping sports: sports broadcast

It will be shortening the game time which made high school baseball into a wooden bat, the number of balls will also decrease and the international game will also become strong] Baseball] Summary Taro!

Hawkbird @ Hawks Summary Blog: Rare village is usually strong

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I think I am doing my best but I'm going to eat every day

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(PDF file) When you eat together it is like a whole!? Cheese Taccarbie Indeed hot Korean persimmon seeds × Kokusai rich thick cheese snack "Kameda persimmon seed cheese Taccarbic style" new release!

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