Headline news on September 11, 2018

To celebrate that theatrical version animation "The Familiar Masters Passage Participant ~ Tokyo Big Romant of Flowers ~ " will be released to theaters from October 19, 2018 (Fri) in 2018, "The first part ~ Flower's 17 years old ~ "will be telecasted. Broadcasting is from the Tokyo Family Theater on October 7, 2018 (Sunday) at 18 o'clock, from TOKYO MX and BS 11 on October 14, 2018 (Sunday) from 19 o'clock.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Behind the scenes of farmers supporting "curry and rice vending machines" - GIGAZINE

A businessperson in India is building a cheap high-speed wireless communication network by investing personal property, the premonition of the arrival of the IT revolution in India - GIGAZINE

From the photograph of the master key of the TSA lock used by the airport staff, it is discovered that it can really unlock by outputting the matching key with the 3D printer - GIGAZINE

A large number of fossils of a new species of human genus "Homo Naredi" is discovered - GIGAZINE

What is the biggest merit that road bike rides were born by shaving snake hair? - GIGAZINE

That "Yoshida document" can be finally downloaded, Government official website rushing access and sinking - GIGAZINE

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Continuation · Borschtichu of Japan brought to Moscow and eaten by Moscow children to compare: O Rosi

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A story where a fisherman specifies a place when uploading an image of an unusual type of organism, such as SNS, which is a problem in various neighborhoods - Togetter

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Toyosu market Open to the 11th of next month Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry approves | NHK News

Regarding relocation from the Tsukiji market to the Toyosu market in Tokyo, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said on Monday that the application for transfer relocated from the Tokyo metropolitan government, as a result of additional measures to counter soil contamination, Approved. This will open the Toyosu Market on the 11th of next month.

Food poisoning at Mos Burger, business suspension suspended elementary school students and others 4 infections: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Ueda Health Center in Nagano Prefecture announced on 10th that food poisoning caused by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O121 occurred at "Mos Burger Ario Ueda store" (Ueda city). Judging that the meal at the store was the cause of food poisoning, the store was suspended for 3 days from the 10th.

Kansai also continues blackout Currently it still takes days to reach 9,500 units | NHK News

Wakayama Prefecture has the largest number of blackouts in 2 prefectures in the prefecture, with about 4,400 power outages mainly in mountainous areas such as Aridagawa Town and Kino Mino Town.

Electric shock of earthquake power shocked to dairy Can not milk dairy cow death Hokkaido Shibecha Town | NHK News

On the ranch where about 140 dairy cattle were raised in Shibecha Town, we could not move the milking machine for 3 days due to the power cut due to the earthquake this time.

Currently, blackouts have been resolved, but with this influence, about half of the dairy cows become diseases of "mastitis", 7 are dead, and there are more than one dairy cows that have been obliged to dispose.

Regenerating solar light to half price Regeneration energy, suppressing household burden: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Zama 9 murder case incident with Shiroishi "Speaking when paying" | NHK News

Takahiro Shiraishi, accused of murdering the robbery on Tuesday, for example, killed 9 men and 9 men in an apartment in Zama City, Kanagawa prefecture, first contacted NHK on 11th in the media. The defendant did not answer the incidents of the incident and said, "I would like to talk to the person who paid the money, I want to talk with generosity so long as it will be such a long time," he ended the interview.

"Dema" of the net, criminal complaint with defamation Suikaga Successor - Mr. Tamaki Denny | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

Kansai International Tourism Authority Relationship Complicated Disaster Prevention, Restoration Neck (1/2 Page) - Sankei WEST

Dolphin show criticized at the sailing competition Receiving the Japan Federation apology | NHK News

On September 9 at the Sailing's World Cup Enoshima Games, which was the first test tournament for the Tokyo Olympic Games, some of the overseas players were informed that a dolphin show was held at the opening ceremony held at the aquarium "I was shocked" and so on. Under the blame of the International Sailing Federation, the Japan Sailing Federation apologized "I'm sorry for those who feel uncomfortable"

Scoop pioneer, September crisis Avoidance for the moment: Nikkei Business Online

A collateral subsidiary stock is considered to be a wholly owned subsidiary's increment pea (IPC). It is a good subsidiary with digital map data indispensable for car navigation and automatic driving, and if you release this stock as a pioneer, you will lose the child of Tora as a pioneer, and the way of reconstruction will become increasingly uncertain.

Typhoon No. 21: Nankai Ozaki Station Restarts Operation of the Station Building Full Bloom - Mainichi Newspaper

Nagoya city sued Hitachi against cancer treatment facility: Asahi Newspaper Digital

About Nagoya City's cancer treatment facility "Nagoya Yokozuna treatment center" (Kita Ward), the city receives payment of contracts (totaling approximately 10.1 billion yen) for maintenance and management against the constructed Hitachi Ltd. Announced a policy to cause the Nagoya District Court to file a lawsuit seeking to reduce approximately 443 million yen. Submit relevant bills to the regular city council of September.

JR Tokai in a safe express even abandoned trolleys inside the train Following the Shinkansen: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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I love everyone! Nostalgic "soft thread" What's going on now? | NHK NEWS WEB

When I was a child, have you eaten "soft temple" at school lunch? It is that noodle like spaghetti like white udon in a bag. I think that some people do not know it depending on the region, but it has been widely offered mainly for eating meals mainly in eastern Japan. However, in Tokyo schools, etc., opportunities to go to school lunch have decreased recently and it is said that some areas are no longer provided. Under these circumstances, efforts are underway to change the image of this "soften" meal service to uncover new demand.

CNN.co.jp: Population of 'Ultra-HNWIs', Hong Kong 3rd in the world, surpassing NY

Free study of a man who wants to tow a maritime container with Japanese freight train: supersonic memorandum

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Shinodos, deleting past articles written by Emikoyama without permission - Togetter

Koyama Emi, Tomomi Yamaguchi About deletion of articles of both | / SYNODOS - Synodos -

On the other hand, now Shinodos became one-person system, and while maintaining the system is quite painful, it is the end of this matter that I reacted sensitively to Shinodos with a negative remark.

Book referring to note design service | Fukatsu Takayuki (fladdict) | note

Implementation of portrait display in Kakuyom and towards the future of vertical writing Web (builderscon tokyo 2018) - Hatena Developer Blog

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Mizushima Tsutomu Yokote Michiko Completely new original animation countdown site

Director · Mizushima Tsutomu × Series composition · Michiko Yokote is a countdown site of completely new original animation presented by Michiko Yokote.

"JUDGE EYES: Will of the Dead God" Story Short Trailer - YouTube

"JUDGE EYES: Will Shinigami's Will" Game Short Trailer - YouTube

10.6 (Saturday) ~ Start! New program "SSSS.GRIDMAN" just before broadcasting PV! - YouTube

SAMURAI SPIRITS - Teaser Trailer - YouTube

Studio Istria New RPG video - YouTube

"GOD EATER 3" 3rd Trailer - YouTube

"DEAD OR ALIVE 6" promotion video - YouTube

"GUNGRAVE GORE" teaser movie - YouTube

"LoveR" promotion video - YouTube

"Space channel 5 VR あ あ ★ Dancing Show" PS VR promotion video 1st stage - YouTube

"KINGDOM HEARTS: VR Experience" debut trailer - YouTube

"Days Gone" TGS2018 Trailer - YouTube

"MONKEY KING: HERO IS BACK (tentative name)" TGS trailer - YouTube

"ASTRO BOT" TGS2018 trailer - YouTube

"Ryan Marks Revenge Mission" Japanese version announcement trailer - YouTube

"ACE COMBAT (TM) 7: SKIES UNKNOWN" PlayStation (R) LineUp Tour VR mode TRAILER - YouTube

Shadow of the Tomb Raider "Launch" Trailer Japanese Dubbed version - YouTube

LEFT ALIVE Release date announcement trailer - YouTube

【KINGDOM HEARTS III】 TGS 2018 Trailer Short Ver. - YouTube

"Phantom in the Twilight" Highlights comprehensive compilation - Towulu and Treasures - - YouTube

About a new sample "Action RPG" of UE 4 that is also known for cats

Voice actor of longevity animation, aging problem 2018. - PreCure Numbers Blog

"THE LAST REMNANT Remastered" Tizor trailer - YouTube

"Tales of Vesperia Remaster" 2nd Trailer - YouTube

"Destiny 2" Solitude and shadow launch trailer - YouTube

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Production Secret Trailer: Swing Hen - YouTube

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Establishment of "Study Group" on Olympic Summertime Review To the LDP: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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"Akira Mikasa supervised source sauce soba" (released on October 8)

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