I tried two new products of Nissin Food 'Spice Kitchen' that reproduced authentic taste with two kinds of Tom Yum Kyun 'Namsai style' 'Namukon style'

From the Nissin Foods Group on September 10 (Monday), new products of the "Spice Kitchen" series "Spice Kitchen Tom Yumukun For Soup Pakti Wild" "Spice Kitchen Tom Yam Chicken for Soup Coconut Mild" appeared. In Tom Yukun 's main home Thailand, two types of creamy "Namukon" style with a clear' Namsai 'wind with strong pungent and sour taste and coconut milk are drunk, this time both types are appearing So, I tried comparing two kinds of Tom Yam soup.

"Spice kitchen" series 2 products (released on September 10) | Nissin Food Group

On the left is "Spice Kitchen Tom Yum Chicken For Soup Coconut Mild", right is "Spice Kitchen Tom Yum Kook For Soup Pakuti Wild" package. Tom yum chicken is like an orange color like chicken curry, and Pakuchi wild is an ethnic tone purple.

First I will look at "Tom Yam Chicken Coconut Mild" which is "Namecon style".

In addition to being used for rice noodles, creaming powder, coconut milk powder, etc. are used for soup, you can expect a mellow taste.

32 g of meal and 129 kcal of calories.

It seems necessary to mix lightly after putting hot water.

In the container, put in a separate attachment quickly Powdered soup and Tom Yam chicken authentic paste.

First of all, I will write quickly.

Pour hot water and mix lightly immediately.

While waiting for 3 minutes, warm the real paste on the lid.

After 3 minutes, pour real paste ......

It was completed. The smell peculiar to coconut milk comes.

When I try to eat it, Fau made from rice noodles is a sweet syrup, the sourness and the spicyness that comes to my throat are conspicuous, but the sweetness of the coconut is also sweet and overall it is mellow. Among the editorial staff, most of the opinions were "easy to drink" "certainly mild".

Next, I will look at "Tom Yam Kuk Pakti Wild".

"Tom Yam Kung Pak Chi Wild" contains flavored shrimps, mushrooms, etc. No creaming powder, coconut milk powder is contained.

Calorie is 100 kcal with 27 g of meal.

Put in powdery soup and Tom Yam Kung real paste quickly.

Just like "Tom Yam Chicken Coconut Mild", put in a powder soup quickly, pour boiling water, mix lightly, wait 3 minutes and then add real flavor paste is complete.

The odor peculiar to Pakuchi and lemongrass and acidity are conspicuous. The aftertaste is spicy with peppers of chili. The fragrance is not as strong as raw parchi but it seems to be taste of the paste to the extent that "I can understand even without being told that it is bakuchi." In addition, the taste of shrimp spreads each time you chew a taste shrimp.

Here is the figure arranged. Shrimp of "Tom Yam Kung Pak Chi Wild" is conspicuous.

The back of the lid. "Namsai style" is clear clear soup, Namukon style seems to be rich soup containing coconut milk, sugar-free condensed milk, creaming powder and so on.

In addition, only 500 sets limited, "SPICE Kitchen Tom Yam Kun For Soup Pakuti Wild" "Spice Kitchen Tom Yam Chicken For Soup Coconut Mild" Each set of 3 foods " SNOW photoshot spot type luncheon seats" comes with a special set, Nissin Food It is available from the group online store .

Spice Kitchen & Photo Spot Type Luncheon Sheet Set | Nissin Food Group Online Store

This is "photo spot type luncheon seat", I tried placing iPhone 7 as a comparison object.

A manual with instructions on how to use and how to assemble is included.

Actually opened. Three types are included.

Stand up the paper pillar inside ... ...

Bend the support forward and fix the paper pillar.

Completion Each of the three kinds of patterns looks like this.

I actually took it. It seems that the vertical and horizontal widths are quite severe and it is designed to be at this angle no matter who shoots, "Keep things behind" and "Insert Nissin's logo".

When shooting with iPhone 7 it will be like this.

"Spice kitchen Tom Yam Kun For Soup Pakuchi Wild" "Spice Kitchen Tom Yam Chicken For Soup Coconut Mild" is on sale nationwide with a tax of 170 yen. Also Nissin Food Group Online Store mail order mail order is being held.

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