I tried using Bluetooth compatible sound bar Anker 'Soundcore Infini Mini' that has powerful sound charm

Soundcore Infini Mini "Bluetooth compatible sound bar appeared on September 5, 2018 (Wednesday) from Anker's audio brand" Soundcore ". Soundcore Infini Mini is characterized by the presence of realistic sounds, and I tried using the real machine that I got to the editorial department as to what kind of sound can be enjoyed.

Soundcore | Infini Mini

Soundcore Infini Mini's package is based on white and light blue.

Inside the box are a power adapter, optical cable (1.5 m), RCA stereo audio cable (1.5 m), remote control, two AAA batteries, two wall mounting screws and two screw plugs, in addition to the main body A note, a notice on use, support contact information was included.

Soundcore Infini Mini main body is 550 mm wide × 94 mm deep and it is like this when compared with iPhone 7.

The height was 63 mm and it was about half the height of iPhone 7.

Weighing 1137 g in actual measurement.

The front of Soundcore Infini Mini is a mesh.

And on the right side there were four buttons: power button (upper left), source input switching button (lower left), volume up button (upper right), volume down button (lower right).

Also, on the back, there are USB port, AUX input terminal, optical cable input terminal, plug of power plug. The USB port is a port used for maintenance purposes such as repair, so it seems that it will not be used normally.

To use Soundcore Infini Mini, connect the terminal of the power adapter to the main unit ......

Plug the power plug into the outlet.

Press the power button ......

The indicator on the front of the speaker will light up, and the Soundcore Infini Mini will be ready to use. Six types of indicators are displayed: "red (standby)" "blue (Bluetooth)" "blue green (AUX)" "green (optical digital)" "yellow (mute)" "white (volume change)", Immediately after pressing the power button like the image, it started in "AUX mode". Mode change of "Bluetooth" "AUX" "Optical digital" can be done with "Source input button".

After switching to the Bluetooth mode (blue LED) by pressing the source input button ......

Open the Bluetooth setting screen of the device you want to connect (iPhone 7 this time) and tap "Soundcore Infini Mini".

Bluetooth setting is completed when the display becomes "connected".

With this, it is possible to use it as a normal Bluetooth speaker.

Since only Soundcore Infini Mini itself can operate only up and down the volume, try using the remote control next.

On the upper part of the remote control are "Power button (upper left)" and "Mute button (upper right)", in the center are "VOLUME UP / DOWN", "SKIP OF MUSICU", "PLAY / STOP BUTTON", at the bottom are "Bluetooth mode" Optical digital mode (OPT) "and other mode switching buttons. It is easy to do mode change also remote control if it was troublesome with the button next to the main unit.

If you set the AAA battery attached to the battery case on the back, preparation for using the remote control is completed.

I will actually play music. Put "Soundcore Infini mini" on the desk and play back the music file saved on the smartphone from the remote control, and you can see how the volume is being raised or lowered in the following movie.

I tried Soundcore Infini Mini with remote control - YouTube

Using the remote control, Soundcore Infini Mini can play songs, move up / down the volume, skip the song, stop, mute at any timing. When the volume of the smartphone was maximized, when the volume of the speaker was maximized, it became slightly sound crackling sound, but it became a sound much larger than the small Bluetooth speaker and a sound with depth I felt it very powerful.

Soundcore Infini Mini can switch the sound quality to the two modes "MUSIC" and "MOVIE". In the following movie, you can check how the sound changes by actually switching the mode to "MUSIC" and "MOVIE".

Compared to MOVIE mode and MUSIC mode of Soundcore Infini Mini - YouTube

Compared with the default MUSIC mode, we confirmed that the bass and treble are emphasized in the MOVIE mode, making it a stronger sound.

"Soundcore Infini Mini" is 7999 yen including tax at Amazon, but only 500 pieces on Tuesday, September 5, 2018, including 6999 yen including tax.

Amazon | Soundcore Infini Mini (Bluetooth compatible sound bar by Anker) 【2.0 ch / optical digital input / equipped with music & movie mode / remote control included | | Anker | earphone / headphone

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