'GIGAZINE Manga Award' Started recruiting in September 2018 & Top drawing making looks like this

The smelling smell of autumn is coming in sunshine through the skin. Along with the harvest wishes for the fruitful season, the GIGAZINE Manga Award also awaits the freshly shining work.

GIGAZINE's first serial serial manga " Princess and Gamer " celebrated in August, and it is now moving to the next album as soon as possible. At the same time, we are preparing to show off a new series by those who applied for the GIGAZINE Manga Award. We are looking forward to further strengthening this trend and becoming wind that brings new seasons.

◆ Click here for "GIGAZINE Manga Award" guidelines

I have already read the application guidelines so I applied for it anyway! Please apply from the application form .

Click here for the original screenplay application guidelines

If you are planning to apply in the form of novels or screenplays, please read the application guidelines from the link above.

◆ September 2018 GIGAZINE Manga Awards Top Illustration

The top illustration in September, 2018 was given to Yuri Kisaragi . A girl who runs a pen with a canvas and sleeps is an attractive illustration of a soft atmosphere that makes you feel the season's visit.

I got a comment from Yuri Kisaragi .

Nice to meet you, my name is Yuri Kiragiri.
I am honored to have posted this as an illustration of the top picture of the GIGAZINE Manga Award.
I like pretty girls and costumes, beautiful scenery that I remember in mind.
I am still studying drawing, so I would like to be able to draw more what I want to express.
I usually work mainly on pixiv and Twitter, so please take a look if you are interested!

Below is the making of illustration.

Yuri Kisuragi "Speaking of fall in the fall of autumn / art of autumn, I think that I want to draw a girl who draws while drowning in bed and draws a rough rough. At this stage the whole atmosphere You should be able to grasp the whole thing. I will make a screen with awareness of where the light hits and where the shadows can occur. "

Yuri Kishiragi "I draw another detailed rough while referring to the previous rough.The depiction of the fine parts that I did not draw with a rough rough will be drawn at this stage.On the sense of incongruity the balance of the whole once We will review and adjust the angle of the illustration.Though it is a tough task to use the most head until the rough finish, it is also the most enjoyable process.The completed image has come into view. "

Yuri Kisaragi "After painting a line drawing, I will color-coded and set the base color referring to the rough."

Yuri Kishiragi "I will continue to paint from the main person. In order to proceed while grasping the overall stereoscopic effect, I will gradually draw some shadows at the same time, centering on wide areas."

Yuri Sasahira "I painted even more shadows, put light that hits my hair and clothes, and almost finished painting people."

Yuri Sasahira "I will draw backgrounds and small items around me, I will also change the color of the line drawings and get familiar and highlight the girls' eyes."

Yuri Sasahira "In order to express the distance feeling, I will prepare the whole impression while blurring the plant in front or strengthening the light.Color tone correction layer adjusts the color until I feel good, thank you It was. "

◆ Top awards for the Grand Prize recruitment posts · Illustrations wanted

I am seeking illustrations of "Top Painting" as published in this article. Please check the application guidelines of this article and contact us from the following self application form.

Click here (please select "Top picture / illustration of GIGAZINE Manga Grand Prize recruitment article" as the first option)

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◆ "GIGAZINE Manga Award" Guidelines for Application

· Basic condition:
· Premise that it can be read by smartphone (faced pear, vertical scroll standards)

· Full color · Full digital (In black and white, treat it as "original")

· Completed manuscript of "First episode" freely in genre and its making material . Making material includes character design · color setting · name · under drawing. Of course there are also applications from the first episode to the last episode.

· Original format:
Please refer to " Princess and gamer " aspect ratio, file size and resolution.

· Number of originals:
freedom. Any number of pages OK.

· Others:
· I will do various procedures so that I can clear even a minor age at the time of winning

· Primary creation already published by other media and platform by myself OK

· Although it was published in a magazine, it was OK but it was okay that it was not made into a book or it was terminated by some circumstances on the way. Please do not give up.

· "Only drawing" can show the URL of the portfolio and collection of works OK. For the passing of the 1st stage examination, we ask you to actually draw by trial original in the 2nd stage examination, after passing, we will turn it to the final stage of the vote review by the GIGAZINE secret member.

·The deadline:
Sunday, September 30, 23: 59: 59

· Review process:

After the primary selection by the editorial department, the following review process is scheduled.

Phase 1: Evaluation by closed environment that only GIGAZINE secret club members can view + Evaluation including making materials by editorial department ↓
Phase 2: Add necessary items such as "Plot up to the final story" After reviewing, review by the editor-in-chief. Looking at the potential of being able to draw until the end, if it can be determined that it will run to the end, it will be the final stage advancement.

Final stage: Posted on GIGAZINE, score evaluation from access analysis result by GIGAZINE reader + score evaluation by GIGAZINE secret club member + score by the editorial department Determination of award winners

· Prize money:

First of all, we receive a prize of 10,000 yen for all incentives to all the members who passed through the first examination and were selected as the first stage.

Next, a prize of 20,000 yen was awarded as an incentive to all members selected in the second stage.

And when it was selected as a prize winning work at the final stage, we awarded a prize of 100,000 yen.

※ Total amount of prize money is included in category not taxable, so minors should be okay, you can win. Even if there is no bank account, we will manage.

· Flow after winning
After publishing in serialized format with GIGAZINE, it will be converted to electronic books and sold on Amazon. We will pay the prescribed manuscript fee and royalties, respectively. GIGAZINE is responsible for selling and promoting e-books.

· Question acceptance form:
If you have any doubts about applying , click here to contact us if you have any questions. If similar questions continue, we will summarize it as a FAQ, so please understand and cooperate.

· Manga Awards Application Form:

Click here

◆ Original Writing Guidelines

· In addition to the first episode manuscript, please prepare plots from 1 story to the final story.

· In the first judging we will see the interestingness of a simple story and the completeness of one story. In the case of proceeding from the second judging to the final judging, we will judge "whether you can constantly create a script of the writing by the final story" that was conscious of actually creating the original manga.

· In the case of "only original" with a letter only, it is okay to paste the text in Google Doc and then write the address of the shared link on the application form. In that case, please do not edit the document after the application.

Click here for application form

There is "GIGAZINE secret club (GSC) · closed review" in the selection flow of the manga award. Those who are members of the GSC members, of course not members yet, be sure to become a member of GSC at this opportunity to attend the birth of future masterpieces. Register to GIGAZINE secret club from here .

Well then, we are waiting for the creators' entries from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

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