'Charma Merry Pair Frappuccino' appeared in the mouth falling with caramel sauce of pear feliest and bitter from Starbucks so I tried drinking

From Starbucks, " Character Mary Pair Frappuccino " " Character Mary Pear Ice Tea " " Character Merry Pear Tea Latte " that makes you feel the early autumn sparkle has appeared on Friday, August 31, 2018. It is a drink of "pear" characterized by texture, I felt autumn ahead.

Starbucks autumn, enjoy the art of autumn full of feel · feel · enjoy! ! The first beverage is "Character Mary Pair Frappuccino® / Tea Latte / Ice Tea"

Arrived at Starbucks.

In the shop front, "Pear Mary Pair Frappuccino" was appealing in the illustration of pear.

First we ordered two cold drinks, "Character Mary Pair Frappuccino" and "Character Mary Pair Ice Tea".

"Character Mary Pair Frappuccino" is like this. It is still hot even in the evening, so whipped cream of toppings melts quickly when sitting on the outside terrace seat.

There are plenty of caramel on top of the whipped cream.

As soon as I drank it, the base of Frappuccino is a gentle milk caramel flavor. Pear cherry fruit and honey are plus there, and it is a cool drink that will cool the body that got hot, but in the mouth it will be like an autumn atmosphere.

The caramel sauce put on top of the whipped cream, unlike caramel frappuccino , is bittersweet of the feeling that "I made a crispy place on the claim brulee a liquid." Because Frappuccino is a sweetness that is gentle, the sharpness was felt.

The freshness of the flesh of pear made plentifully in the bottom of the cup added refreshing to the whole.

I will also drink "Character Mary Pair Ice Tea".

Here too plenty of pear flesh on the bottom.

When I drank it, a refreshing drink that looks like "fruit tea". The good fragrance of tea leaves and the fruit feeling of pears are freshness which is going to be very challenging on a hot day.

Also, as a warm drink, "Character Merry Pear Tea Late" has also appeared.

When I opened the cup, caramel sauce was put on top of whipped milk.

Unlike "Character Mary Pair Ice Tea", English breakfast tea is used, and when you put your mouth on, fragrance goes through your nose and head. The feeling of pear is not felt so much, but some people have a sweet smell that is enough to hear "vanilla?" And feel like drinking carefully made royal milk tea. The bitterness of caramel was also common in milk.

In addition, "Character Mary Pair Frappuccino" is only 550 yen in tall size with a tall size of 580 yen, "Character Mary Pear Tee Latte" and "Character Mary Pair Ice Tea" are 440 yen for short except for tax, 520 yen for tall and 520 yen for tax It is 520 yen without tax, Venti is 560 yen without tax. The sales period is until September 12, 2018 (Wednesday), but it means that it ends as soon as it is gone.

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