Review of 'Blade Rondo', a full-scale battle card game that can be played by one person who fights against a beautiful girl with seven swords

'Blade Rondo ' is a competitive card game where you fight in the world of swords and magical Gothic fantasy. In addition to the attractive illustrations of beautiful girls drawn on packages and cards, it features a game system that allows even one person to enjoy a competitive card game that would otherwise be impossible to play without two people. I actually played what a competitive card game is like to play alone.

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The package of 'Blade Rondo' looks like this, and it is designed with a pretty girl drawn.

The number of players in the game is set to 1-2, and the play time is set to 10 to 20 minutes.

The contents are instructions, parameter boards, cards, parameter dice, and life stones.

The parameter dice are red, green, and blue 10-sided dice (dice).

Instead of falling, the dice are placed on the parameter board and used as counters to display 'attack power,' 'voltage,' and 'defense power.' Lifestones are used to display the player's life on the parameter board.

There are 3 types of cards in all. Colorful and beautiful illustrations are drawn.

'Blade Rondo' is a competitive card game where you build 7 cards and fight. You win if you master the 7 swords and set the opponent's life to 0. There are four types of 'sword cards' used in battles: physical attack (red), magic attack (blue), response (purple), and auxiliary (green). Illustrations of pretty girls are drawn along with the effects of the cards.

First of all, let's play against each other. Prepare a parameter board for two people and distribute one breathing method card 'heating method' and 'protection method'.

Shuffle 40 sword cards and deal 15 to each player. The player chooses 15 to 7 cards dealt as his hand and removes the rest from the game. These 7 cards are the '7 swords'.

Decide the first attack and the second attack, and the second attack will receive a breathing method card called 'beating method'. This is the game ready.

The player increases the voltage by 1 at the beginning of the turn.

'Cost' is written on the upper right of the card. Choose your hand so that the total cost does not exceed your voltage ...

Put it into play and attack your opponent.

At the end of the turn, return the card.

However, once a card with 'L' is used, it cannot be returned to your hand and must be treated as a discard card.

The purple Fuseki card is a trap card that you put out face down in the field and turn it over at the right time to activate the effect. The 'Moonlight Rutile' in the image below is a Fuseki card that increases its defense power by 3 for that turn when activated.

There are also cards that give effects to you and your opponent. For example, in the following scene, the squid girl side attacked the squid boy with a physical attack card called 'Sorry Blade'. The squid girl's attack power is 4, while the squid boy's defense power is 3, so 4-3 = 1 damage passes to the squid boy.

However, 'Poison Blade' has an additional effect of 'Poison'. The poisoned squid boy puts a 'poor blade' next to his parameter board to show the effect of the poison. The squid boy is in a difficult situation where his life points decrease by 1 each turn.

The squid girl shoots two magic attacks in a row against the squid boy whose life has been cut. Since the magic attack cuts the life point regardless of the defense power, the squid boy lost the life point to 0 at once.

In 'Blade Rondo', you are required to read the opponent's hand and actions and plan a strategy with the cards you have. Unlike a normal competitive card game where two players each use their own deck, 'Blade Rondo' consists of 15 randomly drawn cards from one deck. The appeal of 'Blade Rondo' is that it adds a strategic element of how best you can do to the slightest luck factor.

Only 7 sword cards are used per person, and the life points are only 15, so it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for each match. Even if it is settled, you can proceed with the battle quickly by saying 'Let's play again', and you can enjoy the fun of the battle card game lightly.

Next time I will play solo play. First, prepare two parameter boards, draw 15 sword cards, and then select 7 cards in your hand.

Then draw 15 sword cards and set them aside.

Then shuffle the 'idea card' and draw only one.

In one-player play, the opponent is the 'girl of the idea' written on the idea card. Use one of the two parameter boards to display the idea parameters. However, the idea girl can attack at no cost, so no voltage is needed.

The idea card describes the actions and skills of each turn. The player must withstand the girl's attack while reducing the opponent's life points to 0.

The procedure of the game is the same as that of two-player play, and the card is issued to attack the opponent so that the total cost does not exceed the voltage.

However, in 1-player play, you can spend 2 costs and draw 3 out of the 15 sword cards you set aside. And you can use one of the three drawn cards on the spot.

For example, in the following cases, select the card 'Phosphorus Light Etude' from the three drawn cards. Place the remaining two cards face down and do not use them in the game.

After that, the attack power is increased by 1 by the effect of 'Cantata that guides the sunlight' that increases your attack power by 2, 'Absolute sword' that can attack while ignoring the opponent's defense power, and 'Phosphorus light etude' that you pulled earlier. , I will go into a strategy to win by cutting the opponent's life points at once.

The strategy was successful, and the opponent's life was set to 0, and he won a splendid victory.

Because I used up the trump card, I lost because I had no choice but to return. In one-player play, the rule is 'If you defeat five girls with ideas, you win', but suddenly the first player was defeated, which was a disappointing result. One-player play is a non-human match, but it's never easy and quite rewarding, depending on the pull.

In single-player play, you can enjoy a trading card game by fighting against an idea card with a pre-written action pattern. Since the opponent's actions and this hand are decided, unlike the time of two-player fighting against humans, there was fun like a tsume shogi that predicts turns and actions with limited hands.

Also, from August 17, 2018, the one-player adventure game '

Blade Rondo Adventure ~ Rose Crest ~ ' that can be played using 'Blade Rondo' has been released for free.

First, prepare a parameter board and a breathing method card, and then set aside 40 sword cards and a 'beating method' card.

Access the '

Blade Rondo Adventure ~ Rose Crest ~ ' page and click 'Start'.

Since the introduction to the scenario starting from now on is displayed, click 'Proceed'.

Along the way, a 'sword girl' will appear and talk to the player. Select and click from three options how to respond to 'Sword Girl'.

Depending on the choice, you can get effects such as getting cards and increasing attack power. After completing the instructions, click 'Proceed'.

The following is the place where one 'Sword Sword' is taken out from the deck of the sword card at hand and added to the hand to increase the attack power by +1.

The 'Sword Girl' is not always on your side. Depending on the options, there will be events that will reduce your life points.

As you manage the event while interacting with many sword girls, an idea girl who becomes a boss appears. Players have to confront the girl with the hands and parameters built up in the past. The 'Fresh Blood Dancer Shan Nui' that appeared this time is a powerful enemy that the attack power increases every turn and the attack is repeated by the voltage value, and the magic attack is partially offset by the voltage value.

Therefore, by the third turn when Shanny starts to act, he will raise the defense power and make a strategy to prevent physical attacks from working. Furthermore, while repeating magic attacks, I gradually increased my attack power with a breathing method card, and at the end I was able to stab the end with a physical attack.

If you can defeat it, you can see the defeat event by clicking 'Destroy' at the bottom.

'Blade Rondo Adventure ~ Rose Crest ~', which can be played using a browser on a PC or smartphone, is an adventure game that strengthens the story part of a card game that can be played by one person, and can be played quickly in 15 to 20 minutes. .. By displaying the text digitally and proceeding in an adventure format, it is very fresh to be able to play the card game while enjoying the character and world view of the beautiful girl drawn on the card, digital and analog. It is a new form of card game created by fusion.

In 'Blade Rondo Adventure ~ Rose Crest ~', the benefits you receive will change depending on your choices, so you can enjoy battles in different situations each time by changing the way you deal with the girls you meet along the way. It is said that scenarios will be added in the future, so we can expect enough for future development.

'Blade Rondo' can be purchased at for 2899 yen including tax.

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