What is 'Asexual (Asexual: Losexuality)' that does not have the feeling of being sexually attracted?

by Alice Alinari

Or did not feel a sexual attraction to others, the property of or did not have the interest and desire for sexual activity, " asexuality is called (A sexual)". Seventeen Magazine , a media for teens, describes "nonsexual people" with such properties.

Am I Asexual? - What Asexuality Means, Definition, and Signs

According to The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), the world's largest nonsexual community, with a non-sexual person "Those who do not feel sexual appeal or sexual desire despite sexual relations" It is said that it points. There is nothing wrong with itself being a nonhuman self, and it has only the property of "being indifferent to sexual things".

Whether to use the term "nonsense" to express yourself is up to you personally, but Seventeen Magazine wrote that "It may be cool if you do not reveal your sexual tendency." In addition, Seventeen Magazine also wrote that "not all lovers have similar experiences or preferences," and by using the word "loveless" they are "people with certain experiences and preferences There is no worry that it will be certified as there is. "

by Seth Macey

In addition, Seventeen Magazine picks up some frequently asked questions from nonsexual people and creates a simple FAQ.

I do not want sex, but I feel people around me are attractive. Am I a nonsexual person?

Perhaps you are a nonsexual. You understand that you feel attractive to others and you can find value in someone's beauty. But that does not just lead to the desire to "sex." AVEN says, "Sexual orientation ultimately results in an essential desire for sex with other people, if you do not experience it, its attraction is directed beyond sexuality Just saying "There is nothing."

I once felt sexual appeal to others. Does that mean that I am sexual?

There is neither good nor bad in being insane. According to AVEN, a person who intends to position himself between a non-sexual and a sexual person can be defined as "gray · asexual". Those who felt sexual appeal in the past but who feel now as being insane can express themselves as "gray · asexual", but it is not a frequently used expression.

by Anete Lūsiņa

Have sexual fondness ever sexed?

It depends entirely on people, but some nonsexual people have experienced sex for various reasons. According to AVEN, there seems to be some people who enjoy sex among asexual lovers, and those people are likely to engage in sexual activities for "pleasure of their own partner" and to choose to nurture children. Also, there seems to be some nonsexual people who have sex with curiosity "I want to know what sex is like".

Moreover, it does not mean that you are not a non-sex person because you have sex. Just because a heterosexual act does not actively carry out romantic or sexual acts at some point, as it is not to say "it is not heterosexual anymore", the sexual orientation of losing love is It is not defined.

I feel "sexually attracted to people", but I feel only this after having known well. What do you mean?

You may be " demi sexual ". To feel sexual appeal, this is the property that you need to build close relationships with your opponent. Demi-sexual is a property in the nature of insensless love, which has been identified for a long time as nonsense.

by Joshua Sazon

I began to have sexual emotions, but this is not intended for people. Can I still say that I am a nonsexual person?

According to AVEN, nonsexual people seem to feel libido or sexual excitement, but they do not seem to experience the desire "I want sexual intercourse with others". In other words, it is different from the desire "I want to have sex with others", because I feel sexual excitement for various reasons, it is not that we do not do masturbation as a nonsexual person.

Does a nonsexual person fall in love?

Absolutely! The nature of insane love does not prevent you from being overwhelmed by someone or falling in love. The difference with other people is that it does not include sexual things among elements that fascinate you. Instead, it seems to be deeply related to the person's personality and compatibility with myself. It is normal for a nonsexual to be romantic and you can also define whether you are homosexual or homosexual depending on who you are attracted to. However, some nonsexual people feel that they are not romantic and believe they do not have any romantic desires.

by Torsten Dederichs

The important point to know about lovelessness is that "inhumanity is a completely problematic property, not what is happening to you". There are many nonsexual people all around the world, there are also people who have experienced many experiences as inhumane and experts. If you would like to communicate with people who have the same qualities as yourself, you may join AVEN's online chat and listen to the raw voice of a non-sexual, Seventeen Magazine noted It is.

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