Apple 's fall event of 2018 expected to be announced such as' iPhone XS' will be held on September 12

It is clear that the fall event of Apple that will be announced every fall in the new iPhone will be held at the Apple headquarters' Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, 2018 (early morning September 13, Japan time) became. The main feature of the 2018 event is "3 iPhone XS series" OLED mounted with iPhone and 3 new models including iPhone, announcement of the new "Apple Watch Series 4", and also announcement of the new "iPad Pro" It is predicted that.

Apple announces next iPhone event for September 12: 'Gather round' | 9to5Mac

Invitations invited to the event have been sent invitations with a golden ring that reminds Apple's new headquarters along with a simple copy called "Gather round." Even though the new iPhone will be announced every year without any omission, the iPhone-related new product is the most interesting event even in the 2018 event. In the 2018 model, three models consisting of a 5.8-inch "iPhone XS" adopting OLED (organic EL display) and a 6.5-inch "iPhone XS Plus" (both tentative name) and a model equipped with a 6.1 inch LCD (liquid crystal display) It is supposed to be.

The price is predicted to be the start from 899 dollars (about 100,000 yen) for "iPhone XS" and $ 999 (about 110,000 yen) for "iPhone XS Plus", and the 6.1-inch LCD model is lower price than this There is almost no doubt that it will be set as an obi. 9to 5Mac publishes part of the product image of "iPhone XS series" as its own scoop information.

Exclusive: This is 'iPhone XS' - design, larger version, and gold colors confirmed | 9to5Mac

9to 5Mac's publicly released image. It is a genuine "iPhone XS series" image because the image of the new iPhone shot with the angle from the left side of the terminal as seen from the left side is accompanied by a comment "Not a mockup" pattern. Although I can not see well with this image, it is a concern whether there is a notch at the top of the display like the iPhone X.

The "iPhone XS" series is also thought to correspond to the stylus "Apple Pencil" which was adopted for the first time by iPad Pro though it avoided by Apple. Although it seems to be against Samsung Galaxy's "S pen", it is noteworthy how Apple stores Apple Pencil against Galaxy which can store S pen inside the main body.

Does iPhone XS series with organic EL compatible with Apple Pencil - GIGAZINE

In the large "Plus" model of the display, it is also seen that a landscape "landscape mode" is installed as usual.

6.5 inch 'iPhone X Plus' is expected to support landscape 'landscape mode' like iPad - GIGAZINE

For the Apple Watch Series 4, it seems that the display will become larger for the first time in history of the same series. 9to 5 Mac, which scooped the image of Apple Watch Series 4 as "product version," also announces the next image with the annotation "It is not mockup".

Although basic designs are being followed, if the user who is using Apple Watch from everyday is surely the display area of ​​the screen is large, and the UI of the information displayed at the four corners of the screen changes You can feel what you are doing. Also, a small hole is added between the digital crown and the button whose design has been changed, but 9to 5Mac predicts whether this is a microphone.

Also, at the 2018 event, the possibility that Apple's original wireless charging mat "AirPower" will be announced is also being whispered.

The long-awaited Apple genuine wireless charging mat AirPower & New AirPods will appear in September 2018, but the 6.1-inch iPhone will be late - GIGAZINE

It is also rich that the new iPad Pro will appear in this event. With the new iPad Pro, the iOS development version icon highlights the introduction of bezelless design.

The new iPad Pro that will appear in the fall of 2018 turns out to be "bezelless design" from the icon of the iOS development version - GIGAZINE

Also, the latest version of iOS "iOS 12" is rich in being announced at this timing. You can see how it changes by looking at the following article.

What changes have been made in beta version "iOS 12 beta 5" for developers of "iOS 12" that appeared in fall of 2018? - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, 9 to 5 Mac predicts that there is the following announcement even in Mac related. However, the actual appearance has been seen since in 2019.

· MacBook Air with Retina display
· New Mac mini with redesigned spec
· Improved version iMac (possibility to improve display such as True Tone)
· Improved version of the 12-inch MacBook

Apple has been reported to live this event on Twitter live . GIGAZINE will also update the state of the event in real time from the early morning of September 13, so please look forward to it.

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