'The First' trailer depicting the conflict of astronauts flying 8 billion people fate towards Mars

The original drama " The First " produced by Hulu, a major video distribution service giant, is the story of five astronauts who will be the first human beings to emigrate to Mars, carrying the destiny of 8 billion people living on Earth. Such a trailer of The First is published on YouTube.

The First (Official Trailer) • A Hulu Original

A room featuring a control room of a spaceship.

The astronaut of the protagonist who plays Shaun Penn walks while waving with his hands in the center where people to see off are lined up.

The stage is in the near future Earth ......

There seems to be some scenes full of SF feeling such as confronting myself reproduced with a hologram.

Migration to Mars is necessary to save humanity.

Las Ingram playing by Natasha · McKellhorn is a powerful person in the aerospace field and demands that the astronauts become the first human beings to settle on Mars.

However, emigration to Mars is not a common thing.

I have to form a team of small and high-end astronauts ... ...

Astronauts have their own circumstances as well. The hero hesitates the flight to Mars thinking of his daughter.

Daughter seems to have various problems ... ...

"If you say" do not go ", I will also refuse," the hero speaks to my daughter.

How will my daughter answer the main character's question?

Although astronauts have tough training, ...

Still, risks associated with space flight to Mars are inevitable.

Astronauts and others have each situation, it becomes a pinch of hope for the survival of humanity.

Even if the astronaut himself acknowledges the risks ... ...

It is hard for family to say goodbye.

"My mother, have you thought of it?" Asked by her daughter ......

There seems to be friction between the hero's family.

However, there is a mission to protect the four people who flight along with the hero who will be the captain of the space ship.

While astronauts 'families also have a hard feeling, I encourage astronauts' families to be able to discover how to live on Mars if you are.

I was told to my daughter that "I want you to stay here ..."

The protagonist who fights tears.

To a woman claiming that "the opportunity to do such a job never comes again" ....

A man who seems to be a partner who looks like a partner.

Naturally, understanding can not be obtained in some cases.

The responsibility of the astronaut's shoulder is critical.

Then get on the rocket and put your life in danger.

Only five astronauts ......

It is the destiny of 8 billion people living on Earth.

The First will be released on Hulu on September 14, 2018, all episodes.

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