Kewpies that can simultaneously 'boil pasta' and 'make sauce' with one frying pan 'Frying pan with a single!' Series review

In order to make plenty of ingredients, in order to boil hot noodles in a pot and boil dry noodles, it is necessary to make sauces with frying pan using vegetables and meat, which tends to increase labor and washing. However, it is biased towards nutrition only with commercially available sauces ... ... so that the noodles and sauces can be cooked together, and the " frying pan with one! " Series appeared from Kewpie So, I actually tried using it.

New release of three series from pasta sauce "Queepie 3 minutes cooking" "Frying pan 1!" Which can simultaneously "boil pasta" and "make sauce"

Three new types of "frying pan with one!" Series are "tomato pasta noodles" "cream pasta noodles" "Japanese style pasta noodles".

Firstly I will look at "Tomato pasta noodles".

Raw materials include tomato paste, sodium chloride, vegetable oil, glucose fructose liquid sugar, yeast extract powder and so on, Italy's daunting ingredients such as Milpowa paste, dried garlic, cheese food etc. fried in vegetables and meat with butter in the latter half There are lined up.

Calories are 98 kcal per bag.

There are two sachets in the package. Since each is 2 servings, pasta for 4 servings in total can be made.

According to the recipe written on the back of the package, mini tomatoes, bacon, cabbage, dried noodles were prepared.

The dry noodle necessary to make two pasta pasta is 100 g, so somewhat noodles are less.

However, there are plenty of vegetables accordingly. Cut a cabbage one quarter ... ...

Wash with 4 petit tomatoes ......

In the pot. Half bacon 50 g as it is.

Pasta put things broken in half.

I will put tomato pasta's ingredients in it. Pasta of tomato pasta was in paste form slightly drooled.

Pour 500 ml of water and turn on the light ...

When the water boils, just heat it for 10 minutes at low heat to medium heat.

Since noodles may stick, sometimes stir it, please.

Fully ten minutes later, serve on a dish ......

Completion Pretty much soup is overpowd.

I tried it on a slightly larger dish, but this is two servings.

As soon as I ate it, the scent of garlic was a tomato sauce that made the appetite stir up. The sweetness of onions and tomatoes can also be felt. The strange soup is not entangled with so much noodles, but because the ingredients are boiled with the sauce, the taste stuck firmly in the noodles. Noodles are rich, and it is likely that the original design of the sauce is the reason why there is Koshi.

The amount of dried noodles is 100 g for two people, so vegetables are going up, so it's light without leaning on the stomach.

It is a type of soup not entangled with so much noodles, so it will inevitably remain, but it was a taste of delicious appetite ...

Next, I'll try using the cream pasta ingredients.

Raw material names are lined with vegetable oils and fats, chicken extract powder, powdered soy sauce, garlic, egg yolk oil and so on line up, and feeling that the taste can be imagined somehow.

Calorie is 168 kcal per bag, slightly higher than tomato sauce.

When opening it, two such small sachets came out.

The necessary ingredients are chicken peach meat 150 g, mushrooms 1 stock, broccoli one half stock, pasta 100 g, milk 200 ml, water 300 ml.

As same as before, we arrange the ingredients in a frying pan for a while. As you can see from the amount of "mushrooms 1 stock", the vegetables are firmly contained, and it looks like "a pot with noodles" rather than pasta.

Throw raw cream pasta ... ...

Boil, boil for 10 minutes.

The finished one is kore. As with tomato sauce, cream sauce is also tsuyu.

Compared to the tomato sauce which the garlic flavor used as a gut, the cream sauce is "the gentle taste" impression. Imagine the richness like Carbonara and eat it as "just a little unsatisfactory", but the taste of chicken was felt firmly.

Because it is not simmering for a long time, also chicken is plump.

It's finished like stew with broccoli & mushrooms.

It was a taste that pepper and pepper often meet.

The final is "Japanese style pasta noodles"

Japanese ingredients such as soy sauce, bonito extract, konbu extract, etc. are listed in the raw material name.

The calorie is 88 kcal per bag, the lowest calorie among the three.

When opening it is like this.

The ingredients are 1 mushrooms, 150 g pork sesame meat and 1 bunch of spinach.

Pasta folded in half 100 g and spread the ingredients in a frying pan ......

Input 500 ml of sauce and water. Unlike the other two in paste form, the element of Japanese style pasta is a liquid like dressing.

Boil down for 10 minutes after the water boils.

Both of pasta sauces were cooked from a large amount of vegetables, but it was a pot-like style, but there was also a color of sauce, so Japanese-style pasta is getting more hot pot feeling. The fragrance of bonito and soy sauce is just a pot.

Since it was ten minutes ago, it was packed and there was insufficient stirring, some pasta became a bundle. In this way the noodles will become slightly hardened, so the noodles should be mixed firmly on the whole.

It is completed.

When I tried it, the taste which is the most casual of the three. It is a finish of feeling similar to Japanese style mushrooms pasta sauce of Kewpie.

Taste stained firmly in both noodles and vegetables. Because the soup is very pot-style, it is convinced that the comment "It looks delicious even if ponzu is applied".

In addition to the recipe made this time, various recipes such as "Tomato and Tomato Pasta of Meat and Meat", "Cream Pasta of Komatsuna and Salmon" are published on the official website.

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