'Hotel room specializing in comfortable sleep for business travelers' gets patent

When entering the hotel room, many people raise tension with memorizing unusual feeling, but when you actually try to sleep, you may feel that "the bed of the house sleeps better". The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been newly designed as "a hotel room specializing in comfortable sleep for business travelers" and has been reported to have been approved by applying for a patent to the US Patent and Trademark Office .

United States Patent: 10000940

This New Hotel Room Is So Groundbreaking That They Patented It

IHG has invested 200 million dollars (about 22 billion yen) on Crowne Plaza Hotel , a group affiliated with the group, and has made a massive review of the hotel chain. Meredith Latham, Regional Vice President of Crowne Plaza Hotel, said, "At Crowne Plaza Hotel we will redefine 'guest rooms', which guests have a contemporary and clear intention to fully control their own stay We can enjoy the guest room. "

A new room named "Work Life Room" specialized for business purpose guests, and packed with many technologies to provide a comfortable working environment and a good sleeping experience. Therefore, it seems that it was decided to apply for "hotel room patent" which is difficult to think normally.

One of the things that is emphasized in the work life room is that "arranging the furniture design and arrangement angle and making the TV easy to see from anywhere in the guest room such as a sofa or bed." In addition, every consideration for comfortable staying in the guest room such as sofa which can make a small meeting with colleague, desk for work, bathroom which is unified with modern bright atmosphere is overwhelmed.

According to the patent, the work life room has a part where the wall of the room is inclined, and the head board of the bed is arranged along its inclined wall. The sofa and the work desk are also arranged along the wall different from the bed, and the bed, the sofa and the work desk form a triangle which does not make an angle of 90 degrees or more.

And the TV set in the room is in the direction of the foot of the bed and at least a part of the sofa is facing the direction of the TV. As a result, the sofa, the bed, and the TV form an acute triangle, and it seems that TV can be seen in a reasonable posture even from the sofa or from the bed.

In addition, the work life room provides a very attentive service to business purpose users who need to work in their rooms. Wireless Wi-Fi environments are in place and outlets are installed throughout the room, allowing you to connect other devices to the power supply while charging a number of devices and proceed with work.

Mr. Latham said, "The work life room has been thoroughly tested all over the world and has become the best hotel room for business travelers," and the level of satisfaction of the rooms greatly increased compared to normal rooms It seems to be doing. Crowne Plaza Hotel is trying to obscure the boundary between business and leisure by providing a work life room.

Among them, the work life room places great emphasis on "guests can take a comfortable sleep". Guest room is a place where guests sleep at business trip destination and leisure destination, and "It is not bedroom of home, but good quality sleep can be obtained" is a factor that greatly increases the satisfaction of the guest.

"The beds have a wonderful mattress and guests can choose from two patterns of soft and hard pillows that suits them, and the futon is adjusted to just right weight.The ends of the bed You can move while lying down and the TV is very easy to see from the bed at an appropriate angle, "Latham said, and the bedside is also provided with aromatherapy which makes sleep comfortable at the bedside It is said that.

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the US, there are places where we started using the work life room as of August 2018. We are planning to increase the number of rooms in the work life room in the future and at the beginning of 2019 we are planning to make available more than 3000 work life rooms in Crowne Plaza hotels across the United States.

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