AI system 'GoGuardian Beacon' that informs teachers and parents of student's suicide desire and informs it

The American school employs a beacon reporting system " Beacon " to discover students who are deadlocked and think suicide at an early stage and to take countermeasures.

Introducing GoGuardian Beacon. | GoGuardian

School internet filter maker launches suicide risk detector

Beacon is a system that uses AI to detect signs of suicide from student activities on the net. The developer, GoGuardian, is a company that develops and provides Internet filtering software and software for Chrome Book for schools, has already been installed in over 4,000 school districts in the United States and is running for 5.3 million students And that.

Beacon is set up on the computer owned by each school, and AI monitors the status of students browsing the Internet on PCs inside the school so that they can discover signs of suicide at an early stage. Based on the content of each student's browsing, Beacon tells the trends related to student suicide as "General suicide research" "general suicide ideation" ) And "self harm and active planning (self-injurious behavior and proactive plan)".

When this classification is carried out, a judgment is made by AI, for example, when searching for "knot on rope" on the net it becomes "aggressive plan", while the search "yearly suicidal trend" is " Searching on suicide as a matter of fact ".

Classification of students' activities is actually done, and if it is judged to be a dangerous situation, it can be set to notify teachers and school counselors. Furthermore, it is possible to record student's individual information and correspondence situation of correspondence etc.

Furthermore, depending on the setting, it is also possible to automatically notify parents and guardians.

According to GoGuardian's CEO Advait Shinde, Beacon has been running tests over the past year, and 2000 cases are detected as signs of suicide per week. And, in fact, there are cases in which the school and parents responded, stopping the students' suicide on the verge of the matter.

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