'Unknown double kernel' who became mukimuki macho piled up training pulls a box full of KFC sandy mystery movie

"Uncle Kernel Statue" imitating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) founder, Kernel Sanders , stands in front of many KFC stores in Japan and is familiar to people as KFC's mascot character. Such an uncle of kernel gets trained and becomes mukimuki macho, and a movie "Pull the box full of the new product's double crispy kernel sand" is released on YouTube.

KFC | The Double Colonel World-Record Sandwich Pull | Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich

It seems that a lot of attention is gathered in this challenge which is stated as "Double crispy kernel sand challenge" ......

In addition to TV cameras, moderators and commentators are arriving at the challenge venue.

Double crispy kernel sand challenge is the name used as it is, the product of KFC's product, Double Crispy Kernel Sand. Double crispy kernel sand is a huge sand with a height of 10.795 cm, which usually increases only one crispy crispy to two.

In the challenge, I pull about 700 m of a box full of double crispy kernel sand, 50 m (about 315 kg).

As a host, before the challenge, "I have never succeeded in this challenge so far."

"You might meet the legend," said a good commentators of Gatai.

Uncle Kernel of the challenger said that he left the house a year ago and started training. One year ago, the kernel was cute as if it was a baby ... ...

In order to become a strong man, I headed to the frozen mountain of Iceland .

Uncle Kernel accumulated hard training ......

Finally it evolved into a "double kernel uncle".

This is a double kernel whose training has been over a year. When I was inhumane it is gray hair, eyeglasses, mustache.

Uncle double kernel barked big with a double crispy kernel sand.

People who gathered in this transformation were also surprised.

The commentator is also excited and screams "Everyone! Are you ready?"

The tension of the audience also rises.

Unnamed: The double kernel has a given position ......

I ask the attendant to apply a slip stop.

A box filled with double crispy kernel sand 50 meters away.

Uncle Double Kernel hits his hands with bread and flies white powder ......

Shouting "ARE !!" and shouting and put in a spirit.

Grab a rope extending from the box ... ...

I brace my legs and stomp on it.

Uncle Double Kernel gazes at the box full of double crispy kernel sand.

Serious attitude.

The volcano of Iceland and the double crispy kernel sand float on my mind.

And the challenge has finally started.

Uncle double kernel who can draw a rope at a stretch.

The boxes come closer to steady.

Looking at how the huge boxes are pulling as they slide, the audience is excited and sends cheers.

Finally the box is pulled close to the double kernel ... ...

The challenge is successful.

Uncle double kernel shouted greatly.

The accompanying person also dismisses the accomplishment of the double kernel uncle.

Apparently, with the achievement of this challenge, Uncle Double Kernel seems to have achieved the world record of Double Crispy Kernel Sand Challenge.

Double crispy kernel sand can be purchased at American stores.

The movie released this time is the promotion movie of KFC to the last, it does not actually have the world record of the double crispy kernel sand challenge, and even though the old kernel decorated in the shop became muscles macho There is none. In addition, Double Crispy Kernel Sand is a product that is offered at KFC stores in the USA, and can not be purchased at Japanese stores at the time of article creation.

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