Contact lenses lost 28 years ago can be found behind the eyelids

There are probably some people who have disappointed that they have accidentally lost their contact lenses and have 'dropped them somewhere.' In the UK, it has been reported that contact lenses, which I thought were 'lost,' were actually hidden behind the eyelids and were removed 28 years later.

This Woman Lost Her Contact Lens. Doctors Found It in Her Eyelid 28 Years Later.

Around 1990, a 14-year-old woman living in England was playing a badminton game, and she saw the shuttle hit by her opponent. At that time, the woman lost her hard contact lenses and forgot all about contact lenses.

After the incident, the woman stopped wearing hard contact lenses and did not look for contact lenses that she thought she had dropped. A woman who turned 42 years after 28 years had complained to the ophthalmologist that the left eyelid had swollen and remained so for about 6 months. The woman never thought that the event 28 years ago was related to the upset left eyelid.

An MRI scan of the woman's head revealed a cyst on the back of the left eyelid. The size of the cyst is about 8 mm x 6 mm, and the doctor performed a procedure to remove the cyst by surgery. When the doctor removed the cyst, it suddenly cracked, and a hard contact lens appeared inside.

Of course, the woman couldn't immediately recall the trivial event 'I lost the hard contact lens when the shuttle hit my badminton game 28 years ago'. However, the woman's mother remembered what happened at the time, and she later found that she did not wear hard contact lenses. This confirmed that the hard contact lens discovered this time was on the back of a woman's left eyelid for a period of 28 years.

An ophthalmologist who treated the woman reports, 'It's speculated that the contact lens moved to the back of the left eyelid when the shuttle was injured, and it was there for the next 28 years.' On the other hand, the mystery of 'why contact lenses caused swelling after nearly 30 years' remains, and it is unknown what exactly caused the swelling of the left eyelid.

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