Headline news on August 14, 2018

To commemorate the fact that Fumio Fumio, a member of the Tokyo City Horse Racing (Oi Racecourse), has achieved 7152 wins with the record of the most winning rural horse race at the race of August 13, 2018 (Monday), August 28 Various ceremonies · events will be held as " Matoba DAY " on Tuesday.

At "Celebration 7152 Wins Drawn Lottery", photo sessions with 230 winners and field horsemen were held. Celebration muffler towels "Mattool" and "Mato T" will be presented to participants. In addition, we will be awarded a message flag gift to one, goods with autographs signed to 21, matt towers to 2300, original clear file to 2300, and commemorative admission ticket to 2,300.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Artificial intelligence automatically generates beautiful girl characters "MakeGirls.moe" - GIGAZINE

Possibility that manufacturing scientists and monsanto scientists have greatly involved in making papers to deny carcinogenicity of Roundup herbicides - GIGAZINE

Why Taylor Swift et al. Musicians are calling Congress to review the copyright law, and the outlook for the future - GIGAZINE

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Open source huge multi-legged robot that people can ride "Stompy" - GIGAZINE

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Discontented Executive Committee Repulsed Awa Odori "Total Dance" Out of the Field Morning: Asahi Shimbun Digital

About 1,500 dancers of famous group (group) dancers run on the night of the 13th, on the issue that the executive committee sponsored by Tokushima City's Awa Odori held until the 15th is conflicting with some dancers' group Contrary to the decision of the committee, we showed off the "total dance" of the specialty. The executive committee, which had been saying "to block", also looked downtoward, and there was no concern about confusion.

Awa Odori "Totorodori" Noriyuki Odori organizations independently | NHK News

Yamada President "This is a common voice of the common people"
Takashi Yamada, chief executive of Awa Odori Promotion Association, made a group of influential dancers who carried out total dance independently, said, "Although it was a total dodge in an unwilling form, I will accept the hotness of so many people I feel that I was really glad to do it, I would like the mayor to understand that this is the voice of the common people. "

Regarding the safety concern that was concerned, "In addition to guarding the dancers in a state of about 70 people, the executive committee eventually cooperated, there was nothing and injuries ceased to finish I am thinking that I can do something more than anything else. "

In addition, he stated that he would not do a total dancing after 14th, saying, "In general, since the total dance requires a lot of space, I hope to dance next year in the performance hall, in the future the citizen and the executive committee discuss and share wisdom I think that it is necessary to do that. "
Tokushima City Mayor Endo "Truly regrettable being done with ignorance"
In the Tokushima city mayor Akiyoshi Endo, who is the chairman of the Awa Odori Executive Committee, on the fact that the Awaodori Promotion Association independently carried out "total dance" said, "Since large-scale dancing outside the performance hall is very dangerous, Although I asked not to carry out over it, I regret that what I did by ignoring it, I want to discuss well in the future at the executive committee. "

Politician who criticizes refugees fell in love with young refugee women, Norwegian fisheries minister resigned unusually due to Iranian trip (Maki Masaki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

QB house raised to 1200 yen February next year: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Rap singer "Jumping Honda" → Promenade collapses, 377 injured: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Investment trusts, customers 46% lost ... Some banks earn commission earnings: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Typhoon No. 17 has occurred | NHK News

Dam emergency release, many victims due to river flooding approaching the background of decision Asahi Shimbun Digital

Woman who appealed for improvement of worker's treatment, abducted unknown | Nittele NEWS 24

【Dam female body】 Victim woman suffered stalker by twitter immediately before death - Sankei WEST

Nebuta Festival Ultra high parking fee, people with payment of 76 people 65 thousand yen also: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Foreigners who work for immigrant workers are in shadow to the enlargement Kan 's sense of crisis: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Utilization of other large-impact English private-sector examination at the University of Tokyo's report, conclusions late: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Approximately half of the national universities are unable to decide the basic policy of utilization of the results of English private-sector examination introduced in the university admission common test. There are many cases in which debate continues within the university concerning fairness of comparing multiple tests with different purposes. Many universities have said that they can not make public for a while, and there are voices worried about the influence on students.

"Heisei" Record of alternative record restricted viewing of some parties Diet Library | NHK News

Ex-husband who shot, photographed, and received a movie to her daughter 110: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Investigation start with "fake news" = targeting economic turmoil due to plunging lira? - Turkey: current affairs dot com

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I checked the concentration of small PET bottle coffee | summer of 2018 - mitok (Mitoku)

In the stocks checked this time, Itoen "Tully's Coffee Smooth Black Medium" resulted in a small PET bottle coffee with the highest ingredients with TDS of 1.02%. The thinnest thing was 0.87% of AGF "Blendy taggo black coffee". Since the TDS of a typical filter coffee beverage is 1.00 to 1.50% (1.15 to 1.45% for SCAA and SCEA standards), it can be said that each issue is diluted.

When I cleaned the grave of my father who died 23 years ago, the stranger sister also added to the flowers "What is the relationship with my father?" → The fact of the impact of my father who knew in front of the grave ... Is it a surprisingly common story now? - Togetter

Do you know "National Okutama Art Museum" - SEPPUKU Web

On the first date "Yoyotaniya Goemon" is a good question - Togetter

It is rumor and it is rumor that it is delicious when oral rehydration solution is delicious on Twitter but actually it seems that it was really delicious with corporate effort - Togetter

Righteous parents only say praise if they really open mouth ... Even if you throw a toy "Eat well ... yeah wow" Even if you eat only meat "Eat a lot!" Togetter

"There are many Americans who are in trouble without knowing the German quiet time zone" Overseas reactions | Tasteless odorless powerfulness in the leisure

"Stop such a hobby because I got married" The story of my divorce after my hobby became a fire type "Pre-marriage arrangements important" "Once I got married ..." - Togetter

Because there were injured people at Tokyo station, I got a nice card from ambulance crew when I helped with medical bag ... → the story that the men who was present were the strongest - Togetter

Impression that just Sake oota buys a sake-sensory evaluation reagent for professionals Impression that I got serious - First part - Nippon sake girls say something. ('Ω`)

Impression that just Sake Oota purchased a sake-sensory evaluation reagent for professionals Impressions that I cranked up - In the middle part - Nippon Ryugaku no yachi says something. ('Ω`)

Impression that just Sake Oota buys a sake-sensory evaluation reagent for professionals Impressions after cheking - Part 2 - Japanese Japanese sake likes say something. ('Ω`)

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I tried to explain "the world's worst login processing code"

I summarized about unauthorized login to docomo Online Shop and illegal purchase of iPhone - piyolog

Summer time and "advance / return clock of PC" | blog.fetus.jp

In modern general PCs, it is usual to keep counting at a certain interval (typically one second) regardless of whether daylight saving time is implemented or not, starting from a certain point in time.
However, I think that normal people do not know the meaning.
At the presently used OS, the elapsed time since 9 AM on January 1, 1970 (in Japan time) is held in seconds and added.
You should think that it is a stopwatch that will not stop from that time all the time.

"There is no concept of time zone in Excel, it does not correspond to daylight savings time" "If you do not prepare complicated special processing on the two-year time limit, future forever, it will not be possible to compile correctly" - Togetter

Daylight saving time (daylight saving time) - Okumura's Scrapbox

It takes a huge amount of time to verify and update the system. I want you to stop.

Expected quality for information systems considered during daylight saving time - Let's be on a hybrid route

Summer time is becoming a stir. It's not surprising as it has happened a while, so do not be discouraged, I wonder if you are studying properly, there is also a resignation that it's not that kind of problem. Nippon Keidanren also proposed daylight saving time at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, so people who do not understand the system well, who jumped to a fancy measure in the atmosphere are public and private, no matter what politicians It is not a limited story.

Response policy after discontinuation of both UserStream & Old DM API of each unofficial Twitter client (and service) - Togetter

【From War Crypt to Encryption of Life】 Leaked Nippon Electric and the 20th Century Snowden (dragoner) - Individual - Yahoo! News

IROHA TRACE to raise design power | Nagisa's smell

Mercari sponsors the mystery gadget 'electronic name tag' of builderscon tokyo 2018! #builderscon - Mercari Engineering Blog

Best practice for handling dates and times with time zones - Emsley Tech Blog

Problems of daylight saving time introduction in Japan (2018) | SaferClimbing.org

Considering the above, I think that even if the cost of introducing daylight saving time is zero, the merit of introducing daylight saving time in Japan is not rough. In reality, it costs as much as a trillion yen unit or more because it costs money only by introducing it, so it can be declared that it is a ridiculous story. Even in the 1 hour daylight saving time, the government proposal is even more two hours. And from now it is impossible to introduce in the preparation period 1 to 2 years. Social loss in the case of forcibly introducing it is immeasurable.

Yasuhiro Uchitsuko, "Basic understanding for AI" - The 50th Japan Medical Education Predecontress - Kansei Research Life (107): Bell's Voice Blog

Books to Read When Intending to Introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The Great Blog of Cordo

BLOGOS, lantern article introduction of daylight saving time article is too severe Part 3 (Mr. Mutsu Miyawaki) - Windows 2000 Blog

Talking about shaping Vim's settings - MyEnigma

Yamadashi Ryozo na Waito: Clean installation of Windows 10 ver 1803 (in a simple partition configuration while avoiding the WinRE problem)

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"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi" Chapter 6 Regenerative Hen Report - YouTube

Passion for manga, Takahiro Sato who is beloved and suddenly died last month - Yamagata Shimbun

People who wish to end the content why: why castle

Comike in 2019 is held for 4 days & Qinghai exhibition building (about 1.5 km away) to the company booth "How do I get there?" The premonition that people who fly in Ome will also come out # C94 # C96 - Togetter

Song battle! Junior Ikiri turned into a junior - YouTube

Although I do not know the war: / 1 (No. 1) 42 years old, a repatriate soldier with the honorable manga "You fought?" Mainichi Newspaper

A small island in Palau floating in the Pacific Ocean 3,000 km south of Japan, Pellyu. More than 70 years ago, there was a fierce fight where the former Japanese army 10,000 people hit the rice before 40,000 American soldiers in this area. A cartoon "Guernica of Perillius paradise" which drew the battle with one Japanese soldier's point of view gained popularity mainly in the young generation, and the series has been serialized in youth magazines. It is Mr. Kazuyoshi Takeda who is 42 years old to draw.

Pokemon GO Trainer Level 40 Kanst with No Charging Force - Because the sun was blazing

Sometimes watching his passion continent - chomosh's blog

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Death Flag Story - Bakery Shop Blog

Heavy heat football costs money. A proposal from a high school soccer club director | footballista

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Taste of autumn Otomo and chestnuts are lots! New release on August 21 (Tue) in addition to "familiar" Wakuri cake "" Angel pie "[Japanese chestnut]" Angel pie [Anno potato tart "," Anno potato caramel "," Twigs [Wakura taste] " | 2018 | News Releases | Morinaga

~ Made with rice koji, salt and hokkaido soybean kinako ~ "Morinaga's friendly rice koji sweet sake [kinoko]" released August 21 (Tue) New release ~ Large capacity / freeze-dry "Morinaga's easy rice Koji sweet sake Also released at the same time | | 2018 | News Release | Morinaga

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