'Google Public DNS', the world's largest free public DNS service, is offered and will be celebrated '8 years 8 months 8 days 8 hours'

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Google began offering the public DNS service " Google Public DNS " on December 3, 2009. Google Public DNS is completely free for everyone to use, and even easy-to-remember addresses "" "" became a topic. And, as of August 12, 2018, it took 8 hours 8 months 8 days 8 hours, and Google's official blog summarizes the usage status of Google Public DNS as of August 2018.

Google Online Security Blog: Google Public DNS turns years old

"Google Public DNS" is a public DNS server operated by Google. As Google's public DNS server is located all over the world and uses Google's search index, using Google Public DNS increases the speed of displaying pages and improves user security Google argued that it had the advantage of being able to use it.

DNS queries of Google Public DNS are increasing steadily in the past eight years since it appeared. In 2018, the usage rate of Google Public DNS exceeds 16%, and the number of searches per day is growing more than 1 trillion query.

Google commented that the reason why Google Public DNS has grown so far is "Enriching public public Internet services free of charge." Google is also working on providing free Wi - Fi spots, for example in Google 's Station in India project, Google is setting up a free Wi - Fi spot at the Indian railway station. These free Wi-Fi spots are also using Google Public DNS.

According to Google, Internet service providers (ISPs) also use "" to resolve users' DNS queries in Africa and Southeast Asia. If you look at the map showing worldwide usage of Google Public DNS, you can see clearly that Google Public DNS usage is high in Southeast Asia and some African countries.

Meanwhile, due to Google's misconfiguration on August 25, 2017, Google Public DNS was BGP hijacked, causing a massive communication failure on the Japanese Internet. Similarly, in 2014 there was also a case in South America that "" was BGP hijacked for up to 22 minutes . Google is Public DNS, which became the world's largest public DNS resolver, but Google knows that attacks by BGP hijacking are increasing, and Google said that improving the security of Google Public DNS itself is a future issue I am talking.

Please be forewarned that Google public DNS will be announced in the near future.

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