Anime Official is Free Distributing Original RPG that Popular Anime 'Overload' and 'RPG Maker MV' Collaborated

" Overload " is serialized on the Internet's novels posting site, and it is a popular work that is also animated as well for three periods. Anime The latest season " Overload III " has been broadcasted since July 2018, and as part of that promotion, role-playing game (RPG) made with " RPG Maker MV " that can make RPG on an individual basis It is officially distributed free of charge.

SPECIAL | TV anime "Overload III" official site

I will play the Windows version this time. Click "Download version (Windows version)" at the bottom of RPG game page and save the ZIP file (about 206 MB).

Extract the downloaded "" using Windows standard deployment function or explzh software. Double-click on the OVERLORD folder that is in the unpacked folder.

Double click "Game.exe".

A security warning will be displayed, so click "Execute".

Where the game started. The direction operation is the direction key of the keyboard, the decision is the Enter key or the Z key, the cancellation is the Esc key or the X key.

As for the main scenario, up to 4 stories were recorded at the time of article creation, and it is planned to be added in future. The title of episode 1 is "Momon and Nabe."

Because RPG of dot picture is made with "RPG Maker MV" which can be created individually, the game is 2DRPG, and the field screen is a design of dot painting remembering something nostalgic. Items falling in the event or field are specified to be displayed firmly, so even those who are not familiar with playing RPG can enjoy it.

The standing picture at the conversation event is the design of animation.

When you press CANCEL on the field, the menu screen appears. You can save at any time by clicking the "save" part.

Select the part you like and click save to finish. Up to 20 save files can be saved.

The battle screen looks something like this. It is an orthodox system that chooses "attack" "magic · skill" "defense" "belongings" every turn.

Also, in the case of boss battle, you can release the power that you normally suppress, and if your physical strength falls below a quarter, "liberation of power" is invoked and the ability will rise. However, there is a disadvantage that "items relating to liberation of power" means fewer items will be available after battle.

If you defeat the boss of the story scenario, you can return to the city and receive shopping and quests.

It is also possible to talk with people around the city and get various information.

If you do a conversation, you can get an item as an event browsing benefit.

In towns and underground cemetery, Niffyaa ... ....

It is also possible to meet characters that appear in the work such as Charartia.

In addition, RPG Azumar also distributes "Overload" official RPG, you can play from smartphone without downloading. However, please note that you need a niconico account to save the data. Tap 'Web browser version (RPG pressure mar)' at the bottom of official website.

RPG azumar has comment function like Nico Nico video. Comments may be hard to play by covering the screen, but if you tap the "hidden" icon at the 4th from the right of the bottom menu, the comment will not be displayed.

You can operate with the four-way controller and the two buttons at the bottom of the screen, but you can also move the operation by directly tapping on the screen. It is a nice point to be able to play with smartphones even without a PC.

It's a setting that saves power on opposing fish monster opponents, so it is not a "cheat character and not a musou", but battle is a little easier to balance. Not only the story but also the sidequest is prepared, so the volume is enough despite the free distribution game. As the main scenario is added according to the TV anime "Overload III", it is also possible to enjoy the game while matching with the contents of the animation.

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