'4D Toys' where you can enjoy the '4-dimensional disappearance' of objects on 3D

We are said that the real world in which humans live is present in three dimensions or four dimensions. "Three-dimensional" is a relatively easy-to-understand concept for people who live while recognizing solids with their eyes, but those that are not easy to imagine when becoming "4-dimensional". Meanwhile, a game called " 4D Toys " which can be easily touched on 4 dimensions on 3 dimensions has appeared, and it became possible to enjoy mysterious behaviors that can not be ordinary, such as "objects disappearing in 4 dimensions" It is.

4D Toys: a box of four-dimensional toys, and how objects bounce and roll in 4D - YouTube

"4 Dimension" in 4D Toys seems to be three dimensions plus the dimension "time".

However, since in the real world only three dimensions can be expressed, objects on the 4th dimension are expressed in 3D on the application. For example, a stack of cubes as follows ... ...

I will knock it down.

Then, some of the cubes disappeared.

In the case of a four-dimensional sphere called "120 Cell" ...

Changes in shape and color while rolling. What is going on is totally incomprehensible if there is no explanation, but you can easily understand the mechanism from the analogy that reduced the number of dimensions.

For example, it is easy to explain what is happening on the application with the following two dimensional world as an example. If you are a character standing in two dimensions, you can only see how the ball moves vertically or horizontally in two dimensions.

However, in reality, the ball exists in three dimensions as follows ... ...

It is possible to move the ball three-dimensionally.

If you try to represent the way you move the ball three-dimensionally, the ball gets bigger or smaller as follows.

Lift the red ball here in the air ......

I will drop it. Although the ball should have fallen to the ground, the ball is floating on the 2D. This is because the two-dimensional plane seen by the character does not pass through the center part of the red ball, and it is easy to understand under what kind of situation if we look at the state of three dimensions on the lower left of the image.

If the ball rolls further backwards, red balls may not be recognizable from the second dimension.

In the case of a cube ......

It may change to a more mysterious shape when viewed in two dimensions.

Looking at two dimensions from three dimensions is like capturing an object on three dimensions in a two-dimensional plane, which is like " MRI " and 4D Toys.

Based on this we will return to 4D Toys. Though the real world is three dimensional, objects on 4D Toys exist in the 4 dimensional world.

However, since only the three dimensions can be seen with the eyes, if a part of the object rolls in the 4-dimensional direction, it will not be visible.

In the example above, 4D Toys sees "a cross section of a 4-dimensional object on three dimensions".

The cube changes its shape every moment ... ...

It has become a triangular prism.

To six prisms ......

I hit the ball.

Then prisms change color and shape. 3D objects displayed on 4D Toys will not move as you imagined, and behave mysteriously as balls float or cubes disappear.

The following two rings can only take one ring out of the hole only in 4 dimensions.

The following is a dice with 24 faces, but when rolling it will increase or decrease the number of faces to 5 to 600 faces.

When displaying 3D objects on 2 dimensions, we were able to confirm the movement of the object in the 3 dimensional world to answer, but even if displaying 4D objects on 3 dimensions, It is not possible to check the movement of the object above. Still it is a very mysterious feeling that it is possible to enjoy the movement of objects on 4 dimensions pseudo on the application, and it is exciting.

Note that 4D Toys is distributed on the App Store and Steam, and you can purchase it for 720 yen for iOS version and 1480 yen for Steam version.

"4D Toys" on the App Store

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