Scientists conclude that 'it is impossible to teraby Mars with current technology'

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Researchers' investigation has revealed that the concept of terraforming that changes the environment of Mars, raises the temperature and turns humans into a more living environment is not feasible with modern technology.

Inventory of CO 2 available for terraforming Mars | Nature Astronomy

Mars can not be terraformed so that we can live there because is not enough carbon dioxide, scientists reveal | The Independent 8469981.html

For Mars aiming for migration, the average temperature is very low as minus 43 degrees and the atmospheric pressure is less than 1% of the earth's environment. What is thought to change the environment of such Mars is to release carbon dioxide contained in the soil of Mars to the atmosphere, to melt the ice in the Martian atmosphere by the greenhouse effect, to make the water necessary for daily life It is a method of terraforming to get. It has already been pointed out that this method takes a very long time, but this time a paper has been announced that raises questions about its effectiveness.

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Mr. Bruce Jacoski of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (University of Colorado-Boulder) and Mr. Christopher Edwards of Department of Physics and Astronomy (Department of Physics and Astronomy) at the University of North Arizona Mr. 2 people. They analyzed based on data obtained from NASA's Mars Exploration Plan " MAVEN " and ESA (European Space Agency) Mars Express . Mr. Jacoski is a major planner of the MAVEN project.

Analysis of the components of the substances contained in the soil of Mars on the basis of the data obtained so far found that the calculation that carbon dioxide which plays an important role in terraforming can only be generated by about 50% The result was derived. It is also clear that it is not easy to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for terafalling because carbon dioxide taken in the soil has low accessibility (= difficult to take out).

By European Space Agency

Even in this state it is possible to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of Mars, and although the greenhouse effect occurs, the increase in temperature will stay at around 10 degrees so change the water present in the ice state into a liquid The paper states that it is impossible.

Based on these circumstances, the paper concludes that "it is impossible to terraform Mars with modern technology." Of course this is a scientific point of view, so it is not an absolute answer, but it seems to be a newly supporting content that mankind is not easy to live on Mars.

By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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